Springville Road Community Church
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The Lord's Supper Service
I Corinthians 11:23-34

Introduction:  Today we participate in a form of worship that is an old as Christianity itself.  In fact, the Lord's Supper was inaugurated by Jesus Himself on the eve of His crucifixion.  Today I want to share with you two things.

 I. The four basic views as to what the Lord's Supper

    1st - Transubstantiation: this view is held by the Roman Catholic Church.  They hold the view that the bread and wine literally change into the body and blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.  In other words the recipient actually eats the Lord's body and drinks His blood, because Jesus is literally being sacrificed in the mass.

    2nd - Consubstantiation: this view is held by the Lutherans.   They hold the view that the bread and wine actually contain the body and blood of Jesus, but do not literally change.  They say Christ is actually present with, in and under the elements. According to them, the recipient receives the forgiveness of sins and the confirmation of their faith through the elements.
    3rd - Reformed: this view is held by the Presbyterian and Reformed Churches.  They teach that Christ is not literally present in the elements, but there is the spiritual presence of Christ.  They teach that the recipient receives grace through partaking of the elements.

    4th - Memorial:  This view teaches that Jesus is present neither physically or spiritually in the elements, but that the Lord's Supper serves as a symbolic reminder of what Jesus did for man at the cross; signifying to others their belief in Christ as Savior as well as His imminent return.

II. The Reasons Christians Share the Lord's Supper.

    1st - Christians share the Lord's Supper to remember the agony of His death.

    2nd - Christians share the Lord's Supper to proclaim  to others the Lord's death.

    3rd - Christians share the Lord's Supper with a certain hope.


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If you've ever wondered about all the different ministries at Springville Road you should listen to this.  This is a podcast of our annual church conference where everything from the children's ministry, youth group, home school, ESL program, finances, missions to a word about the deacon ministry.  Elder Steve Bartlett also shares his amazing testamony in this episode.

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Text: Philippians 3:1-6

Listen to Pastor Thad Blount as he brings us a message from God's Word.

Key   definitions:

*   rejoice - means to be glad or delighted, to celebrate, to be  cheerful.

*   beware - The word beware is used three times in this verse.  The word means to perceive with your eyes, to pay close attention. Kenneth Wuest makes the following observation: - In this context the words dogs, evil workers, and false circumcision are attributed to Jews who professed to believe in Christ but depended upon keeping the ritual of Judaism for their salvation.  Such men insisted that unless one kept the Law of Moses, he would not be saved.  Paul regards this teaching as dangerous and subversive to the gospel of Christ.

*   evil workers  - describes those who were charaterized by godlessness with the implication of being harmful or damaging.

*   worship - describes one who is living in obedience to God resulting in a life of praise.

*   glory - means to boast over a privilege or possession. The idea is that our boasting be in Jesus Christ.


Your responsibility with God's enabling, is to consistently apply truths you have heard from the word (I Tim. 4: 7-9; James 1: 22-27). As you consider the message, ask yourself what God wants you to change in your life this week.

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