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"Knowing God... Making God Known"

Text: Revelation 14:6-11

Three Angels each make an announcement.

I. Announcement #1 - The Gospel (vs. 6-7)
     1. It is an eternal gospel.
     2. The message - "fear God and give him glory"
II. Announcement #2 - Judgment on Babylon (vs. 8) - Babylon will fall
III. Announcement #3 - Eternal Torment (vs. 9-11)
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Text: Revelation 14:1-5

Revelation 14 is a chapter of victory and first discussed are the 144,000.
I. Identity (vs. 1)
     - with the Lamb and the Father.
II. Celebration (vs.2-3)
     - where there is victory songs are sung.
     - There is understanding
III. Character (vs.4)
     - they remain pure
     - They shadow the Lamb
     - purchased as first fruit
IV. Truthful
      - no lie was found in their mouths. We are to "share the truth in Love"
V. Blameless (vs. 5)
     - our testimony is right before the Lord.
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Text: Revelation 13:11-18

the False Prophet continued:
I. The Discription:
     1. He is of the same kind as the beast. (vs. 11)
     2. His is described as a harmless lamb, however he speaks as a dragon. (
vs. 11)
     3. He has all the authority of the first beast. (vs. 12)
     4. He will perform great signs of his own.  He “makes fire come down out of heaven to the earth.” (
vs. 13)
     5. He deceives “those who dwell on the earth.” (
vs. 14)
II. The Demands:
     1. Worship.
     2. Make an image to the beast.
     3. to take the mark of the beast.
III. Decrees or Laws
     1. He will pronounce a death sentence to those not worshiping the beast. (vs. 15)
     2. He will require all people “to be given the mark of the beast.” (vs. 16)
IV. The Doom of the False Prophet (Rev. 19:19-21)
* We should be committed with our minds
* Holiness
* Witness
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