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"Knowing God... Making God Known"

Text: Revelation 21

For the Christian our best life is not on this earth but is the life to come when we are in Heaven. As Christians we are to have the proper perspective of this life.

1) Absence (vs. 1&4) - The old world is characterized by sin but the new world will be perfect. It is characterized by the absence of those who have not trusted in Christ for their salvation. In verse 4 we see that there is no more death.

2) Continual Presence - we will continually enjoy the presence of the Lord (vs. 2) Are we ready for the presence of the Lord?  See also Revelation 21:5 where we see that these words are faithful and true.
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Text: Romans 9:1-3


1. A Heart of Sincerity. (vs. 1)
Paul looked to Christ. The witness of Paul's sincerity or honesty was the Holy Spirit. His desire was that they would know the truth. (see also Acts 26:19-28)
2. A Heart of Sorrow. (vs. 2)
Because they did not know Christ. Christians today should be saddened for the world because of the reality of Hell.
3. A Heart of Sacrifice. (vs. 3)
(see also Romans 8:35-39) Paul was willing to be destroyed in order to save his countrymen. Is the church today active in planting ans watering seeds? See Col. 4:2-4 we should pray for the opening of doors.
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Text: 2 Timothy 3:14-17

While ownership of the Bible is very high within the United States, reading and studying the Bible is not. Believers are to have a regular intake of the Word of God. Paul tells Timothy that all scripture is useful and profitable. What does it mean to be profitable?

1) Profitable for what is right - doctrine - truth.
The example of the Bereans - They were eager and studied the scriptures daily.
2) Profitable for reproof - to bring to light. Tells us when we are out of balance.
3) Profitable for correction. To get right - to restore to an upright position. See also Revelation 2:11- and the example of the church of Ephesus.
4) Profitable for training and righteousness. Instruction and training - to give guidance.  This emphasizes education and training in righteousness, how we are to do right.  This is to bring about change so that we may be prepared for every good work.

We need to take time to chew on the word of God. Let us not forget what God has called us to.
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Text: Luke 14:25-33

These days with rising energy and food prices we all have to watch the costs of the items we buy.  Just as we are now counting the cost of material goods we should also assess the cost of being a follower of Christ.  In Luke 14 Jesus told the multitude that they must count the cost of being one of his disciples.

1. What Jesus told the crowd. - Their love for Christ must exceed their love for any others (vs. 26). They must carry their own cross (vs. 27) - A willingness to sacrifice and the example of Graham Staines.
2. Message to the disciples. See also 2 Corinthians 11:24 and the example of Paul.
3. Christ's own costs. See also Isaiah 53
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