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Text: Revelation 11:15-19

I. Heaven
    A) Proclimation of the Load Voices (vs.15)
    B) Twenty-Four Elders (vs.16-17)
II. Earth-  The Nations rage (vs.18)
III. Judgement (vs.19)
    A) Church
    B) on Earth
IV. Fellowship
    A) Unbroken
    B) Power and Judgement
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Text: Revelation 11:1-14

I.  The Temple (vs.1-2)
II. The Two Witnesses (vs.3)
    A) The Mission
          1. Prophecy
          2. Duration
    B) Identity (vs. 4)
    C) Power (vs.5-6)
    D) Death (vs.7-10)
    E) Resurrection (vs.11)
    F) Aftermath (vs.12-14)
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Text: Revelation 10

Chapter 10 of Revelation begins a parenthesis or break in the main Tribulation events.
I. The Mighty Angel  (vs. 1-3)
    1. Description
    2. Identity
II. The Seven Thunders (vs. 3b-4)
    1. John is told to stop writing
    2. May be judgments
III. The Oath (vs. 5)
    1. The end of the waiting
    2. The cry of the Martyred saints (see Rev 6:9)
IV. The Assignment (vs. 8)
    1. To digest - inhale the scroll (see also Ezekiel 2:1-3:3)
    2. To proclaim/prophecy
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Listen as Mark and his wife share about their exciting ministry in Eastern Europe.

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Listen as Martin Ebel gives an update on he and his wife Rose's ministry bringing the gospel to the Australian Aborigines.

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