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"Knowing God... Making God Known"

Text: Mark 2

I. His call of Levi

     a) His demand

     b) Levi's response

          - He left everything

          - He gave a party for Jesus

II. His very pointed response  

     a) His conflict with the Pharisses

     b) His very painted response

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Text: Joshua 1:1-9; Colossians 3:1-4

To meditate means to contemplate, dwell on, or to give thought.  Do we meditate on the word of God as much as we meditate on other things?

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Text: Mark 2

I. His Popularity - Jesus was popular (vs. 1-2)
II. His Impact (vs. 3)
III. The offer of Forgiveness (vs. 5)
IV. His Omniscience (vs. 6-8)
V. The Test (vs. 9-12)
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Text: Luke 1:26-54

Mary, The mother of Jesus, was an excellent example.

I. She was wholeheartedly devoted. - "The maidservant/slave of the Lord."

     - the term slave is used more in the scriptures than the term 'christian'.

II. She was totally submissive.

III. She was mindful of God.

     a) as her savior

     b) mindful of his Holy Name.

     c) mindful of his Sovereignty.

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Listen as our Mission team reports on its trip to Ecuador with missionary Steve Saint and i-tec.

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