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"Knowing God... Making God Known"
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Text: Text: Revelation 15:5-16:9

I. Sores
II. Seas to Blood
III. Fresh Water to Blood
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Text: Text: Revelation 15:1-4

I. The Song of Moses. (Exodus 15)
II. The Song of the Lamb.  (Revelation 15:9-10)
III. The Song of the Tribulation Saints.
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Text: Galations 2:11-16

Listen as Bob Waldrep of The Crosswinds Foundation  for Faith and Culture brings a message from the book of Galations.

I. The controversy over the table.
II. Two Dining Plans being offered.
III. The significance of the tables.
IV. Why do we sometimes distance ourselves from the table of grace.
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Listen as SRCC Elder Bruce Grubbs looks at our walk with the Lord.
I. How we are not to Walk.

II. How we are to Walk
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Text: Revelation 15:1-4

I. Revelation

    1. Definition

    2. Implication

    3. A charateristic of God.

II. Celebration

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Text: Phil. 2:19-22

The Example of Paul.

     I. A sincere concern for the Lord's church.

     II. A faithful slave of the Lord.

* How has your service to the Lord been tested?

* How committed am you to the spreading of the gospel?

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"Choose the Better Part" - Steve Chamblee

Text: Luke 10:38-42

Pastor Steve Chamblee grew up attending Springville Road Community Church. He holds a degree in Theology from Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham, AL, and is currently pursuing his Masters of Theology from William Tyndale Seminary. The past four years, Steve has served as senior pastor of Grace Fellowship in Vail, Arizona; prior to that, Steve served in student ministry for fourteen years. He is a former Christian School teacher and currently coaches the JV football team at Cienega High School. Steve is married to Shari and they have four children: Drew, Abbi, Aubri and Kyle.
This sermon is part of the ordination service of Rob Caine. Steve was excited to get to speak at his home church and extends his greetings to all the believers at SRCC.
I. The contrast between what is necessary and what is good.
    1. Sitting
    2. Listening
    3. Busy
    4. Distracted
    5. Love and Obedience
II. Consequences of Embracing the Necessary Over the Good. (see also John 12:1-8)
     * They could literally smell Mary's love for Jesus
III. Application:
     1. Business does not equal devotion.
     2. Jesus cares more about the heart of your worship that the heat of your work.
     3. Love, then do and then Love more.
     4. It really boils down to love.
     5. Martha took her complaints to Jesus himself.
     6. God hears the Marys.
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Text: Isaiah 6:1-6; 1 Peter 1:13-16

* To truly know who a person is you must observe their actions. These actions are determined by their view of God. The true measure of holiness is God and in Isaiah 6 we see the holiness of God displayed.
* In 1 Peter 1 we see that we are to prepare our minds for action.
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Text: Revelation 14:14-20

Here we have pictures of future events - The Bowl Judgments and Armageddon. (see also Isaiah 63)
I. The Harvesters (vs. 14,17)
     1. Son of man - Jesus. (this is the last time this term is used to describe Jesus)
     2. The Crown - The victor's crown. Running to win
     3. Sharp Sickle - The Lord wiping out those who are against him.
II. Angel (vs. 17)
III. The Declarations (vs. 15,18) - "The perfect hour has come"
     1. Only when this perfect time arrives will the reaping occur.
     2. The Angel came from under the alter. (vs. 18)

IV. The Reapings (vs. 16,19)
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Text: Revelation 14:12-13

The Tribulation Saints are:
I. Steadfast (vs.12) - willing to endure hardship.
     1. They keep the commandments.
     2. They will keep their faith in Jesus.
II. They are Blessed (vs.13)
     1. In death - in the Lord
     2. the blessing at rest - rest from their labors.
     3. Blessed because of their deeds for the Lord - They are servants
* What does our service to the Lord look like?
* Our service is not in vain. (see also I Cor. 15:57-58)
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Text: Revelation 14:6-11

Three Angels each make an announcement.

I. Announcement #1 - The Gospel (vs. 6-7)
     1. It is an eternal gospel.
     2. The message - "fear God and give him glory"
II. Announcement #2 - Judgment on Babylon (vs. 8) - Babylon will fall
III. Announcement #3 - Eternal Torment (vs. 9-11)
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Text: Revelation 14:1-5

Revelation 14 is a chapter of victory and first discussed are the 144,000.
I. Identity (vs. 1)
     - with the Lamb and the Father.
II. Celebration (vs.2-3)
     - where there is victory songs are sung.
     - There is understanding
III. Character (vs.4)
     - they remain pure
     - They shadow the Lamb
     - purchased as first fruit
IV. Truthful
      - no lie was found in their mouths. We are to "share the truth in Love"
V. Blameless (vs. 5)
     - our testimony is right before the Lord.
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Text: Revelation 13:11-18

the False Prophet continued:
I. The Discription:
     1. He is of the same kind as the beast. (vs. 11)
     2. His is described as a harmless lamb, however he speaks as a dragon. (
vs. 11)
     3. He has all the authority of the first beast. (vs. 12)
     4. He will perform great signs of his own.  He “makes fire come down out of heaven to the earth.” (
vs. 13)
     5. He deceives “those who dwell on the earth.” (
vs. 14)
II. The Demands:
     1. Worship.
     2. Make an image to the beast.
     3. to take the mark of the beast.
III. Decrees or Laws
     1. He will pronounce a death sentence to those not worshiping the beast. (vs. 15)
     2. He will require all people “to be given the mark of the beast.” (vs. 16)
IV. The Doom of the False Prophet (Rev. 19:19-21)
* We should be committed with our minds
* Holiness
* Witness
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Text: Revelation 13:

the beast continued:
VI. There is a general warning. (vs. 9)
VII.The perseverance of the saints is described. (vs. 10)
The False Prophet
Titles of the Coming World Ruler:
* The Little Horn (Daniel 7:8)
* The Coming Prince (Daniel 9:26)
* A Willful King (Daniel 8; 11)
* The Man of Lawlessness (II Thessalonians 2)
* The Son of Destruction (II Thessalonians 2)
* The Antichrist (I John 2:18,22)
* The Rider on the White Horse (Revelation 6:2)
* The Beast (Revelation 13:1-10)
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Text: Revelation 13

I. There is a picture of a pseudo-trinity.
II. The beast is a man, who appears to be indwelt by a demon. (13:1, 18; II Thessalonians 2; Revelation 11:7; 17:8)
III. There is a description of a pseudo-king (who is apparently brought back to life) and the power he is given. (vs. 2-7)
IV. There is a description of a pseudo-kingdom. (vs. 2)
V. Those who worship the beast are identified. (vs. 8)

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Text: Matthew 26:1-19

Listen as Bob Waldrep of The Crosswinds Foundation  for Faith and Culture brings a message from the book of Matthew.
I. The religious leaders plot to kill Jesus.
II. Mary's anointing of Jesus.
III. Judas and the leaders strike a deal.
IV. The disciples concerns.
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Text: Revelation 12:13-17

Continuing our study in Revelation.
I. The Pursuit of Israel. (vs. 13)
II. The Provision of Israel. (vs. 14)
     - see also Exodus 19. The Lord is our hiding place.
III. The Pursuit continues. (vs. 15)
IV. The Provision (vs. 16)
V. The Pursuit resumes. (vs. 17)
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Text: John 21:15-22

Continuing our study from last week.
II. Shepard My Sheep
     1. What are you leading them to?
     2. Guard the sheep from false teaching
     3. Protect the sheep - lay yourself down for them
III. Third time "Do You Love Me?"
     1. Do you have affection for me
     * Peter is greeved at this point
     2. not lambs but more mature sheep
IV. The Prophecy
     1. Peter's freedom
     2. The commision - "follow me"
     3. Peter's question - "what about this man?"
     4. Jesus Answer - "You must follow me."
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Text: John 21

Do you love the Lord your God? Do you have a total commitment to him?
I. Do You Love Me More than These?
     1. more than these fish? - occupation
     2. more than these other guys? - others
     3. more than theses others love me?
     * Peter's answer was "I have a tender affection for you".
     * Jesus answer - "Feed my Lambs" - the young and the feeble.
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Text: John 21; John 2; Luke 5

I. Comparing John 21 with John 2
     1. confession
     2. time
     3. problem
     4. command
     5. provision
     6. number
     7. purpose
II. Comparing John 21 with Luke 5
     1. Location - Sea of Galilee
     2. preceded by long night of futility
     3. supernatural
     4. commission to Peter
     5. Jesus location
     6. Beginning/ending of ministry
III. What is Common between the passages
     1. Jesus is sovereign
     2. Power of Christ on display
     3. Christ is the center of the story
IV. Questions to Consider
     1. Do you believe in God's Sovereignty?
     2. Can yo say that Christ is the center of your life?
     3. How has the power of the Lord been on display in your life?
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Text: Galatians 3

Who is it that saves? Is it the persuasion of man or the power of the Holy Spirit of God?  We need to know that salvation does not come through our own power and desire.
1. Did You Receive the Spirit by works of the Law or by hearing with Faith (vs. 2)
2. Begun By the Spirit (vs. 3)
3. Are we now perfected by the Flash?
4. The Righteous Shall live by Faith (vs. 11)
5. Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law. (vs.13)
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Text: Revelation 12:7-12

I. The Battle (vs. 7-8)
    1. Instigator is Satan
    2. Power
    3. Access
    4. Absence
II. Victory-Win (vs.9)
    1. Description
         a) Serpent of old (see Gen. 3)
         b) Devil - both title and description
         c) Satan - adversary (see also I Peter 5)
         d) Deceiver
III. Celebration (vs.10-12)
    1. Certainty
    2. Worship
    3. Warning
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Text: Revelation 12:1-6

I. The Woman
    1. Attire (vs. 1)
    2. Agony (vs. 2)
II. Red Dragon-Satan
    1. Description (vs.3)
         a) Seven Heads
         b) Ten Horns
         c) Seven diadems
         d) Deceiver
     2. Actions (vs.4)
         a) Dominion
         b) Determination
III. Male Child (vs.5-6)
    1. Actions
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Text: Philippians 4:4-9

Contentment or satisfaction can only come through Jesus Christ.  God has promised us our needs but not our wants.  If contentment/satisfaction only comes through being rightly related to God.  Then how is this possible?
I. By finding our joy in the Lord. (vs. 4)
II. By fully giving everything to the Lord. (vs. 6-7)
III. By focusing on spiritual virtues. (vs. 8-9)
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Text: Revelation 11:15-19

I. Heaven
    A) Proclimation of the Load Voices (vs.15)
    B) Twenty-Four Elders (vs.16-17)
II. Earth-  The Nations rage (vs.18)
III. Judgement (vs.19)
    A) Church
    B) on Earth
IV. Fellowship
    A) Unbroken
    B) Power and Judgement
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Text: Revelation 11:1-14

I.  The Temple (vs.1-2)
II. The Two Witnesses (vs.3)
    A) The Mission
          1. Prophecy
          2. Duration
    B) Identity (vs. 4)
    C) Power (vs.5-6)
    D) Death (vs.7-10)
    E) Resurrection (vs.11)
    F) Aftermath (vs.12-14)
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Text: Revelation 10

Chapter 10 of Revelation begins a parenthesis or break in the main Tribulation events.
I. The Mighty Angel  (vs. 1-3)
    1. Description
    2. Identity
II. The Seven Thunders (vs. 3b-4)
    1. John is told to stop writing
    2. May be judgments
III. The Oath (vs. 5)
    1. The end of the waiting
    2. The cry of the Martyred saints (see Rev 6:9)
IV. The Assignment (vs. 8)
    1. To digest - inhale the scroll (see also Ezekiel 2:1-3:3)
    2. To proclaim/prophecy
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Text: Phil 1:12-21

As we look back on this past year let us consider our service to the Lord.
I. The Primary Goal is to exalt Jesus Christ.

II. "For me to live is"
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Text: Hebrews 9:11

Who is the Jesus who was born in Bethlehem?  In the book of Hebrews we see that the reason he came was to be the complete sacrifice.

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Text: Luke 1:31-33

In today's world we see people attempting to repackage the person of Jesus Christ.  If we return to the scriptures we can see the true Jesus, not the repackaged one of the modern world.
I. His  Name
    1. Command
    2. Meaning
II. His Identity
    1. Great
    2. Son of the Most High
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Text: Luke 1:26-38

I. Background
     1. She was chosen by God. (vs. 26)
     2. She was from an ordinary town.
     3. She was a Virgin. (vs. 27)
     4. She was engaged/betrothed to Joseph.
II. Conversation
     1. Mary found grace in God's sight. (vs. 28)
     2. She had the promise of help.
     3. She was troubled. (vs. 29-34)
     4. Mary's incredible response. (vs. 38)
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Text: Luke 1:26-38

The Birth of Jesus Foretold.
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Text: Revelation Chapters 1-9

When studying the Book of Revelation the term thankful might not be the first thing one thinks of however on closer examination we can see that there is much to be thankful for.
I. Thankful for the promise of Blessing. (Rev. 1:1-3)
II. Thankful for the Majesty of Jesus. (Rev. 1:12-17)
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Text: I Corinthians 1:18-3:9

The purpose of the church is to glorify God.  How do we do this?
I. Through our families.
II. Through relationships in the body of Christ.
and the mission of the church:
III. Through the gospel - Guarding that whhich has been intrusted to us.
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Text: Revelation 9:13-21

I. The Voice from the Four Horns of the Golden Alter. (vs. 13)
II. The Four Angels. (vs. 14-15)
III. The Two Hundred Million. (vs. 16-19)
IV. The Remaining Population. (vs. 20-21)

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Text: Revelation 9:1-12

I. The Star
   A. Identity - (see also Rev. 12:7-12) Serpent of old, Satan.
   B. Key - To the Bottomless Pit. (Notice the Lord has the key first)
II. The Bottomless Pit
   A. Smoke - Darkens the Sun and the Air
   B. Locusts (see also Exodus 10)
          1. Appearance
          2. Power
          3. Limitations
III. The King
     A. Identity
     B. Names - distruction, distroyer
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Text: I Corinthians 11:23

I. Innocence of the Savior
II. Responsibility to Examine Ourselves
    1. Consider the Agony of Christ
    2. Proclaim the Power of the Cross to the World
    3. We must Examine our Lives
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Text: Revelation 8:1-13

I. The Exactness of God
     a.    Silence
     b.    Seven Angels

II. The Prayers to God
     a.    Angel
     b.    Alter
     c.    Participation
     d.    The Answer

III. The Wrath of God
     a.   The Land
     b.   The Seas
     c.    Fresh Water

IV. Mercy of God
     a.    Eagle
     b.    Announcement

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Text: I Timothy 2:1

Listen as Rob Caine brings us a message on prayer and its true power and direction.
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Text: I Peter 2:1-3

What keeps you feeding on the word of God on a regular basis?
I. The Word
II. Separation
   1. Malice
   2. Deceit
   3. Hypocracy
   4. Envy
   5. Slander
III. An Intense Desire
    1.Long for
    2.Pure Milk
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Text: Colossians 4:2-4

I. Devotion to Prayer (vs.2)
    1. steadfastly - be devoted
    2. Be watchful - stay awake
II. Purpose in Prayer (vs.3-4)
   1. Growth in the Lord
   2. For God's will in their lives - Strength in the inner man (see Eph. 3:14-20)
III. The Example of Paul (Acts 9:1-19)
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Text: Revelation 7

I. The 144,000 (vs.1-8)

    1. God Protects His Own
    2. The Preciseness (exactness) of God
II. The Great Multitude

    1. Heaven is a Place of Celebration. (vs.9-12)
    2. Heaven is a Place of Ceaseless Service. (vs.13-15)
    3. Heaven is a Place of Ceaseless Provision. (vs.16-17)

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Text: Revelation 6:12-17

I. The impact in Heavens and Earth.
II. The impact on Man
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Text: Revelation 6:9-11

Listen as we cover the fifth seal in the book of Revelation - the martyrs.
I. The Faithfulness (vs. 9)
II. Their Plea (vs. 10)
III. The Answer (vs. 11)

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Text: Revelation 6:5-8

Listen as we cover the third and fourth seals in the book of Revelation. As you will hear, the judgements intensify as the text builds to the "great day of wrath."
I. The Third Seal  "The Black Horse"  - represents famine.
II. The Forth Seal "The Ashen (pale Green) Horse" - represents death
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Text: Revelation 6:1-4

As chapter six unfolds, we are introduced to the beginning of God's judgements. Listen as we discuss the first two seals.

I. The First Seal  "The White Horse"  - represents a false peace.
II. The Second Seal  "The Red Horse"  - The great bloodshed, repesents war.
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Text: Mark 6:34-38

Listen as Dean Self brings a message from God's word.
Law 1 - You must do what you cannot do with what you do not havefor the rest of your life.
Law 2 - You must empty yourself, humble yourself, and sacrifice yorself.
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Text: I Thess. 4:13-18

III. There is comfort in the Promises of the Lord.

     A. The Dead will be Raised (vs. 15-16)
     B. The Living Church will be Raptured (vs.16)
     C. There will be a Reunion (vs. 17)
     D. There will be a Forever Reality with the Lord. (vs. 17)
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Text: I Thess. 4:13-14

I. Hope in grief
II. Hope in Resurrection
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Text: Revelation 5:6-14

As the Elder proclaims, there is one who is worthy in the entire universe to open the scroll and to break its seals.  In verses 6-14 John sees the one who is worthy.  He is the lamb who is the lion.  The Lamb is standing as if slain.  He stands in victory. As he takes the scroll from the Father heaven breaks out into worship.  Listen to God's word and may the Holy Spirit work in your life for the glory of God.
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Text: Philippians 4:1

I. Threats to Stability (in Philippi)
    A. Persecution (1:28-30)
    B. Unity (2:2,14)
    C. False Teachers (3:18-19)
    D. Dissension (4:2)
    E. Anxiety (4:6)
II. Keys to Stability (in Philippi)
    A. Attitude - Rejoice in the Lord (3:1;4:4)
    B. Growth - needs to be steady (3:7-16)
    C. Perspective - our hope is not in this life (3:17-21)
    D. Prayer - giving it all to the Lord is the key not only to stablity but peace (6b-7)
    E. Right Thoughts - the discipline of right thinking is outlined for us in these verses. (4:8-9)
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Text: Matthew 9:18-35

What imagery does the word "touch" bring to mind? How important is it to feel the touch of another? How important is it to touch or be touched by Jesus?  Listen as Bob Waldrep of Crosswinds Foundation shares a message from the word of God about the touch of Jesus.

I. The Touch of Faith

     1. That seeks a touch on behalf of another.

     2. That seeks to touch him.

     3. That seeks to be touched.

     4. That seeks to touch another for him.

II.  The Approach of Faith.

     1. Jairus - Bowed

     2. The Woman - Secret

     3. The Blind Men - Persistent

     4. The Demon Possessed Mute - Escorted

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Text: Mark 12:28-32; Deuteronomy 6:4-9

How will we be remembered? The answer to this question requires honesty and change. Listen as David Nichols explores what it means to live at the foot of the cross.
In Deuteronomy 6 we see the command to love the Lord and in Mark 12 we see the questioning of Jesus by the scribe about the greatest commandment. Why did the scribe ask Jesus the question when as a teacher of the law he should have known the answer? It wasn't because he didn't know the answer but rather that he refused to accept the answer due to his lack of humility.
* To live at the foot of the cross we must (Mark 12:30) love the Lord with:
      1) Our Heart.
      2) Our Will/Motive.
      3) Our Mind.
      4) All our Strength.
     We cannot do this with a love that we muster up from within ourselves but rather this love must be agape love, the love that comes from God.  The wellspring that flows out. 
* What keeps us from living at the foot of the cross?  Pride. This lack of humility keeps us from loving God. Back in Deut. 6 we see that we must submit daily. 
* What if?  What would my life look like if I really submitted to God?
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Text: Revelation 5:9

Revelation 5 answers the question; “who is worthy to open the book and break its seals?” Upon discovery that the Lamb is worthy, heaven and earth break out in song praising the Lamb that was slain.  However, it would be easy to get caught up in the praise of the Lamb without considering why the Lamb bought us. The first stanza of the song plunges the depth of redemption.  In the lesson today, I want to consider the question; why did the Lamb buy us?

Application-understanding why the Lamb purchased us may help us to focus on the response we should have. What should that response be?
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Text: Revelation 4

I. The appearance of the LORD GOD (Father). (vs.3)

   A. He is like a jasper stone
   B. He is like a sardius stone-a sardis stone is a ruby.

II. The surrounding of the LORD GOD (Father). (vs.4-8a)

   A. The rainbow 
   B. The 24 elders
   C. The lightening and thunder
   D. The seven Spirits of God
   E. Sea of glass 
   F. Four living beings

III. The Worship of the LORD GOD (Father). (vs.8b-11)

   A. The Living Ones-notice their worship of the LORD GOD is ceaseless!
         1. Holiness
         2. Omnipotence (Power)-
         3. Eternality
   B. The 24 Elders-
          1. Their Actions-notice the actions of the 24 elders are in response to the words of the four living beings.
                a. They fall will down
                b. They will worship
                c. They will cast their crowns before the throne
          2. Their Words
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Text: Revelation 4; Exodus 14:21 thru chapter 15

As we continue our study of the book of Revelation let us examine what it means to worship by looking back in the Old Testament book of Exodus.
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Text: Revelation 3:14-22

Setting -the city of Laodicea was a very wealthy city.  In fact it was so wealthy that when destroyed by an earthquake in A.D. 60 the people rebuilt the city without the aide of Rome.  The city did have a major issue, the water system.    The water was piped in from Hierapolis, which was seven miles to the north of Laodicea.  By the time the water reached Laodicea it was “lukewarm.”  The Lord Jesus uses the picture of lukewarm water to discuss the serious nature of their condition.

I. The Description of the Lord Jesus (vs.14)
     A. The Amen-this word is a transliteration of the Hebrew word meaning true. 
     B. The Faithful and True Witness-this phrase describes the Lord Jesus and certainly brings ones minds to His earthly ministry.  As a Witness, He was certainly Faithful and True.
     C. The Beginning of the Creation of God-the word beginning is the key to understanding this phrase.  It means cause, origin or source.  So understood correctly, Jesus is the source of all creation. (Colossians 1:16-17; John 1:3)

II. The Condition of the Church (vs.15-17)
     A. Metaphors-the words hot and cold were used to convey what was pleasing or useful.  The word “lukewarm” conveyed the idea of not being pleasing or useful. 
     B. Awareness-The church of Laodicea is unaware of their own condition. In fact, Jesus uses strong terminology to point out their true condition. 

III. The Counsel from the Lord Jesus (vs.18) -focus on Me
     A. Acquire gold-was an appeal for to turn their focus from the riches of the world to the riches of Christ.
     B. Acquire white garments-this was an appeal to put on spiritual clothing. (Col. 3)
     C. Acquire eye salve-this was an appeal for spiritual sight. Their focus had been on the earthly things and Jesus is advising they focus on heavenly things. 

IV. The Comfort of the Lord Jesus (vs.19-20)
     A. His love for them-the word love here is the word phileo which expresses His tender affection for them.  Phileo is not used in the New Testament to refer to unbelievers.
     B. His desire for fellowship-the terms in and to are the focus here.  In the New Testament there are 8 times when this specific phrasing occurs and all 8 times the idea is of one coming toward someone or something/never of penetration. 

V. The Definitive Promise -that Christians will sit on the throne He shares with His Father; symbolizing the truth that we will reign with Him. 

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Text: Revelation 3:7-13

Setting-the city of Philadelphia was located 28 miles southeast of Sardis.  It was located in an area that was noted for its agricultural products but afflicted with earthquakes. The city was devastated in A.D. 17, but rebuilt.  The city was named for a king of Pergamum, Attalus Philadelphus, who built it.   “Philadelphius” is similar to the Greek word Philadelphia, meaning “brotherly love,” which occurs several times in Scripture. (Romans 12:10; I Thes. 4:9; I Peter 1:22; II Peter 1:7)-Roy Zuck

I. A Breathtaking Description of the Lord Jesus (vs.7)
   A. He who is Holy-refers to the Lord alone who possesses absolute Holiness. In the New Testament, the title “Holy One” is used in describing the second person of the trinity, Jesus Christ. (Luke 1:35; John 6:69)
   B. He who is True-Truth is used alongside Holiness several times in Revelation, in reference to Jesus. (6:10; 15:3; 19:2,11)
  “The vacuum in a world of error and falsehood is truth.” Unknown Author
   C. He who has the key of David-keys in Scripture point to authority. (1:18; 20:1; Matthew 16:19)
   D. He who opens and no one will shut, and who shuts and no one opens-this description emphasizes the omnipotence of the Lord. (Is. 46:9-11; Daniel 4:35)

II. Wonderful Works of the Lord Jesus (vs.8-9)
   A. He provided an open door. (vs.8) He tells us why in this case? Their faithfulness. Open doors in Scripture many times point to the gospel. (I Corinthians 16:8-9; Colossians 4:2-3)
   B. He promised a humbling experience. (vs.9) Amazingly the Lord Jesus promised that the very ones opposing the true gospel would be humbled before them. 

III. Awesome Promises from the Lord Jesus (vs.10-12)
   A. I will keep you from the hour of testing-a promise to the church that believers would be kept from the tribulation period.
   B. I am coming quickly-points to the imminency of the Lord’s return. (I Thes 4:13-18)
   C. I will make him a pillar in the temple/he will not go out from it anymore-promise of stability and security. 
   D. I will demonstrate that you are mine-name of My God, city and new name.  These promises allude to ownership, security and blessing. WOW!

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Text: Revelation 3:1-6

Setting-Sardis was about 30 miles south of Thyatira.  Sardis was known for 3 things.  The first was being a fortified city.  Rock walls were around the city and rose up to as high as several hundred feet.  There was one exception, the south side of the city.  Secondly, the city was known for the temple Artemis, equaled to the size of the famous temple in Ephesus.  The third distinctive feature of Sardis was the necropolis.  You could see the “cemetery of a thousand hills” as far as 7 miles away. -  John Walvoord 

I. Identity (vs.1)
  A. The Identity of the Lord Jesus
      1. He (the Lord Jesus) is referred to as the “ He who has the seven Spirits of God and the seven stars.”  The phrase “the seven Spirits of God” refers to the Holy Spirit in all His fullness.  Isaiah 11 describes the Holy Spirit as: the Spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, and knowledge.  As you go to the New Testament the gospel of John refers to Him as the Comforter and the One who convicts the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment.    
      2. “He who has the messengers.”  These messengers were not only His representatives, but were held onto by the Lord Himself.
  B. The Identity of the Church-the church of Sardis had the name (reputation) of being alive.  However, the Lord Jesus reveals to them their true condition.

II. Instruction (vs.2-3)
     A. Wake up-is a command to reverse their attitude.
     B. Strengthen the things that remain-the word strengthen means to make stable.  While the church was in certainly a dire situation, it was not hopeless.
     C. Remember-the word means “to bring to mind” what had been given them.
     D. Keep (obey)-they were to hold on to the truth.
     E. Repent-they were to turn at once from whatever was causing them to become spiritually lethargic.  They needed to submit to the authority of Christ in their lives.

III. Incentive (vs.4-6) 
     A. People-described here as only a few.  These few were walking in obedience to Christ.
     B. Promises
        1. They will wear white robes.
        2. Their salvation is secure-names not to be erased.
        3. The Lord Jesus will confess them before His Father and the angels.


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Text: Romans 1:14-16

* Setting - Paul’s desire to be with the Christians in Rome does not overshadow his purpose in writing.  The letter to the church of Rome is devoted to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Paul penned the doctrine of salvation for the benefit of the church in Rome.  We are benefactors of his writing.  His love for the Lord is expressed in numerous ways in the letter; however his language in verses 14-16 clearly point to his love for the gospel and his desire to proclaim it.  There was an unmistakable change in Paul’s life as a result of his relationship with the Lord.  He makes 3 profound statements:

I. I am Debtor (vs. 14)

    - the word obligated occurs in some translations.  Paul clearly reveals his responsibility to proclaim the “good news” to the entire human race.  The word translated “barbarians” literally refers to all other human beings from the viewpoint of the Greeks.  There was no partiality with the apostle Paul.  James 2 makes it clear that there is no room for partiality with Christians.

II. I am Ready (vs. 15)

    - the word eager means to be prepared or ready.  The King James Version reads, “so, as much as is in me is, I am ready to proclaim the gospel.

    - C. H. Spurgeon said in speaking of Paul’s eagerness, “The apostle was ready to go anywhere with the gospel, but he was not ready to preach another gospel; no one could make him ready to do that.  He was not ready to hide the gospel, he was not ready to tone it down, and he was not ready to condense it or extend it.  He was ready to proclaim it wherever the Lord gave him opportunity.”
III. I am not Ashamed (vs. 16)

    - one of the most potent, penetrating statements in the New Testament.  Paul was not the least bit ashamed or embarrassed about the gospel.  In fact the Bible clearly points to the exact opposite.  He is so committed and unashamed that he refers to it as “his gospel.” (Romans 16:25; II Timothy 2:8)

    - Paul declared to Timothy, “I am not ashamed, for I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day.”

Unknown Author- “being ashamed of the gospel only points to lack of personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

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Text: Revelation 2:18-29

I. Identity of the Lord Jesus (vs.18)
      A. Eyes Like a Flame of Fire-nothing is hidden from Him.  All is revealed.
          “…there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are open and laid bare to the eyes of Him with whom we have to do.” (Hebrews 4:13)
      B. Feet Like Burnished Bronze-points to the impending judgment of the Holy One.

II. Praise from the Lord Jesus (vs.19)
       A. Love-In contrast to the church of Ephesus, love for the Lord and others was happening in this church.
       B. Faith-the word speaks of being dependable, faithful, or reliable.
       C. Service-word has the idea of ministering to those in need.
       D. Perseverance-the word describes Christians being steadfast under pressure.
       E. Growth-they were maturing as evident by the phrase used at the end of verse 19.

III. Rebuke by the Lord Jesus (vs.20) - Tolerant not Protective

IV. Grace of the Lord Jesus (vs.21) - Opportunity Given to Turn
V. Extent of the Lord’s Judgment (vs.22-23)
       A. Leader-put on a bed (of sickness) is a phrase that most theologians believe refers to physical death and even hell. “In light of the fact she refused to repent, it is likely that the bed refers to death and ultimately hell.” -  MacArthur
       B. Participants -the phrase “great tribulation” speaks of being placed under extreme suffering.
       C. Children-either her actual children or those that were following her.  Either way there would be grave consequence.
       D. Christians-this judgment was so dramatic, it was intended to gain the attention of all the churches.

VI. Encouragement from the Lord Jesus (vs.24) - No other weight for you to bear

VII. Exhortation by the Lord Jesus (vs.25) - Hold fast-a phrase describing great difficulty

VIII. Promises from the Lord Jesus (26-28)
       A. Rule in the Kingdom-the Lord uses a shepherding term in describing the Christian’s role in the kingdom. (Psalm 2:7-9)
       B. Morning Star-most theologians believe this refers to the Lord Jesus Himself. (Rev. 22:16) “I am the root and descendant of David, the bright morning star.”

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Text: Revelation 2:12-17

I. The Identity of the Lord Jesus-His identity revealed in verse 12 clearly points in context to His authority as the judge.

II. The Knowledge of the Lord Jesus:
     A. I know your environment.
     B. I know your loyalty.
          1. Loyalty to My name.
               Lord Jesus not Lord Caesar.
          2. Loyalty to My faith.
               Commitment to central truths of the Christian faith.

III. The Admonition of the Lord Jesus
     A. The Doctrine of Balaam-the teaching toward compromise.
     B. The Doctrine of the Nicolaitans-what does the Bible give us?
          1. The meaning-the power over  the people.  
          2. The thoughts of the Lord-He hated the deeds of the Nicolaitans.  

IV. The Demand of the Lord Jesus
         Turn now not in due time!

V. The Promises of the Lord Jesus
       A. The Hidden Manna-the satisfaction that is Jesus! Knowing Him brings to us numerous blessings.

 B. The White Stone-in Roman culture was awarded to the victor in a contest. A white stone with the athletes name on it served as a ticket to a special banquet.   

   C. A New Name-something no one knows but Jesus and the recepient.  “This name given to the Christian symbolizes the personal heritage of the glories of heaven.”                         John Walvoord

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Text: Ephisians 3:13-21

What is the greatest support we have as believers in Christ? It's the Holy Spirit.  In Ephesians 3 we see a prayer of the Apostle Paul.

I. Bow the Knee (vs.4) - It should be a regular habit.

II. The Request (vs.16) - "to be strengthened with the power through his Spirit in the inner man."

   - we need people to pray for us and that prayer should be for the strength of the Holy Spirit.

III. The Benediction (vs. 20) -  "He who is able"

   - God's power in the believer is unlimited and beyond comprehension.

   - Who deserves the glory?- God, not man no matter their position.

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Text: John 17:1-21

What does the Lord want us to do in prayer? We are to "pray without ceasing". Obviously this will require labor so what are some of the areas that Christ prayed for?

I. Pray for Protection - (vs.15) Jesus prayed for them to be kept from the evil one. In vs. 20 he expands his request to all believers.

II. Pray for Sanctification - (vs.17) "Through your truth"  This is the truth of God's word (the Bible)

III. Pray for Unity - (vs.21) "that they all may be one".  This is the unity of the truth of the gospel and also the unity of having the same eternal destination.

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Text: Revelation 2:8-11

The Message to Smyrna-this letter puts to rest the heresy that “God does not allow those who are His to suffer.”

I. Encouragement - (vs. 8) the opening description of Jesus is so appropriate to their situation.

   A. The first and the last-

   B. The One who was dead, and has come to life-

II. Knowledge - (vs. 9) the author of Hebrews says, “all things are open and laid bare to the eyes of Him with whom we have to do. (Hebrews4:13)

   A. Tribulation-

   B. Poverty-

   C. Enemies-

III. Demand (vs. 10) God’s desire for our lives is that we glorify Him. (Eph. 3:20) One of the main ways Christians glorify Him is through obedience.

   A. Fear-

   B. Faith-

IV. Promise - (vs. 11) the Lord Jesus was so good and   gracious to give them the big picture!

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Text: Revelation 2:1-7

I. Jesus’ Praise of Them-(2:2-3, 6)
       They were hard workers, discerning Christians, not tolerant of evil men, and steadfast for the name of the Lord.

II. Jesus’ Problem with Them-(2:4)
        “They left their first love.”  The word left points to a completed action.  In other words, they had left Him and were still in that condition.  What are some contributing factors to this slippery slope?

III. Jesus’ Prescription for Them-(2:5a)
        A. Remember-this meant reflecting on the past.
        B. Repent-turn toward Me and turn away from your current condition.
        C. Repeat-the key word here is first.  In other words get back to your love relationship with Me.

IV. Jesus’ Pronouncement-(2:5b) Judgment. You will lose your witness (presence) as a light if there is no repentance.

V. Jesus Promise-(2:7)- “to the one who is victorious, he will eat from the tree of life.”

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Text: Revelation 1:12-20

Son of Man –a title that was used in the life and ministry of Jesus.  This title was also expressed in Daniel 7:13 in anticipation of the Messiah.

I. The Position of the Lord Jesus-Revelation 1:13 clearly points to the fact that the Son of Man (Jesus) is in the midst of the churches.

II. The Picture of the Lord Jesus
* He is the High Priest.  The long robe and golden sash point to the priesthood as clearly revealed in the Old Testament. (Exodus 28:4; Lev. 16)
* He is the Holy One.  The blazing white is a picture of the Purity or the Holiness of the Lord.  The Bible clearly reveals His Holiness. (Is. 6; I Peter 1:13; Rev. 4)      
* He Sees Everything.  Nothing is hidden from the One in the midst of the church. The author of Hebrews says, “all things are open and laid bare to the eyes of Him with whom we have to do.” (Heb. 4:13)
* He is the Judge.  John’s gospel records that “He (the Father) has given all judgment to the Son.” (John 5:22; II Cor. 5:9-10; Rev. 2:18)
* His voice is Powerful. Those belonging to the Lord know His voice. (John 5:25-29; John 10:27)
* He is Sovereign over His church. The right hand pictures His control over the church. (Rev. 2:1)
* He is the Protector of the church. Revelation clearly conveys this truth. (2:16; 19:15)
* He is Brilliant/Glorious in Appearance. John equates looking at His face to the sun shining in its brilliance/strength.

III. His Response to the Lord- John’s response is no different than any who have been confronted with the glory of the Lord. (Is 6. Acts 9)

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Text: Matthew 5:14-16

What is our responsibility as a Christian?

I. The Fact - We are the Light of the World

II. The Action - Let your light shine before men

III. The Reason - So that the world may see your good works and glorify your father

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Text: Revelation 1:4-8

There is a strong need for encouragement in the lives of Christians daily. The Christian life is filled with significant challenges, hurts, and trials. We need to think in terms of the greatest way to encourage those who are hurting. As we turn in our Bibles to Revelation 1, we will see clearly that John encourages these churches that were facing persecution through a greeting, a doxology and a promise.

I. The Greeting-

    1. The eternal Father.

    2. The all-sufficient (complete) Spirit.

    3. The Unique Son-meaning there is no-one like Him.

II. The Doxology -

    1. Unique love.

    2. Freedom.

    3. Value.

    4. Access

III. A Promise-Behold (a term of attention) He is coming!

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Text: Revelation 1:1-3;19

Definition-the word “Revelation” means to unveil, disclose, or to reveal.  Simply said this letter is the unveiling of Jesus Christ.
I. Unveiling
    Section 1-John’s Vision of Jesus Christ (1:9-16) Vivid/Powerful
    Section 2-Messages from Jesus Christ to His bond-slaves (2-3) Loving/Pointed
    Section 3-Events Prior to Jesus Second Coming (4-18) Worship/Judgment
    Section 4-The Second Coming of Jesus Christ (19) Blazing Glory
    Section 5-The Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ/Great White Throne Judgment (20)
    Section 6-The Eternal State with Jesus Christ (21-22)
II. Blessing
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Text: Acts 2:42

What are you committed to as an individual member of Christ's Body (the Church)?  How are we at SRCC working for the Lord?  What does the world see when it looks at the church today?

The practice of the early church consisted of:

I. They were committed learners - the teachings.

II. They were committed to fellowship.

III. They were an obedient Church.

IV. They were an dependent Church.

V. They were a reverent/God fearing Church.

VI. They were an influential Church.

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Text: I Corinthians 12:1

How did you do in reading the word of God last year? How about your study time? How about meditating on the word? How was your prayer life?  No matter how you answered these questions there is always room for improvement.
In  I Cor. 12 we see the role of Spiritual gifts in serving the Lord.  Are some gifts more important than others?  Are some more honorable than others? All the gifts are needed and they work together.
How are you serving the people in the church?
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Text: Luke 2:36

The Christmas Story is full of "Front Page" individuals.  This week we look at the story of Anna, a person who does not get all the attention but who should be on the front page of the Christmas story.
I . Who was Anna?

II. Commitments of Anna
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Text: Acts 2:42

This week we continue our look at fellowship. We must be commited for fellowship to happen.
I. Fellowship is dependant on more than one person.
II. Fellowship is centered on our unity with Christ.
III. Fellowship is not just doing anything; It's doing God's will.
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Text: Acts 2:42

What are your expectations when an assembly comes together?
I. Apostles teaching - The teachings of Christ.

II. Fellowship
    A) Dependant on more than one person.
    B) Focuses on our spiritual unity.
    C) Doing God's will together.
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Text: Romans 1:8

Something that we tend to neglect is the discipline of giving thanks. We are slow to give thanks and quick to grumble. Today let's look at the example of the apostle Paul.

I. The Direction of Paul's Thanksgiving.

II. The Depth of Paul's' Thanksgiving

III. Paul's Thankfulness for the Growth

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Text: Romans 1:16; Ephesians 2:1-10; I Peter 2:9

Do we have a view of the gospel that is less than full? Do we even have the same view of the gospel that the disciples had?
There are Two Dynamics of the Gospel:
I. The power of the Gospel.   Romans 1:16
     Power is "Dunamis" in the original greek.  This is the same word we get the word dynamite from. This is not a gradual process but is instant and exposive.
II. The purpose of the Gospel.  Ephesians 2:1-10
     Workmanship means literally "a work of art".
* the full gospel saves us from works and also saves us to work. A salvation that has no works is not the full gospel at all.
Food for thought - Revelation 2:1-7 - How do we lose our first love? You lose your need of that person (Jesus). How do we recognize this problem in our lives? By asking ourselves how we treat others.
How will the power of the gospel impact your life today? 
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Text:Mark 10:35-45

Is it possible to be sick and not know it? Absolutely! It is also possible to be a Christian and not be committed to a life of serving the Lord. This morning we want to concentrate on the enemy to service and the friend to service.

I. The ENEMY to a life of Service-PRIDE

II. The FRIEND to a life of service-HUMILITY

How do you know if you are sick? Evaluate your days. Are they spent serving the Lord? One that serves Him should think through this Acrostic:

* Selfless-there is no room for self-centeredness

* Eager-all Christians should desire to be used for His glory

* Resolute-all Christians should be purposed in serving Him

* Vital-serving Him is critical to the health of the church

* Effort-serving Him may lead to exhaustion

* Steadfast-serve Him faithfully to the end

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Text: Acts 2:41-47

Ekklesia, the called out ones.

I. Practice - they were committed and together.

II. Committed - prayer, study, fellowship

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Text: Ephesians 3:20-21

The purpose of the church or Ekklesia (the called out ones) is to glorify God. This is both an individual and corporate responsibility.

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Text: Ephesians 1:13-14

Ekklesia -the called out ones and our position in Christ.

I. The church has been sealed.

     a) to be secure

     b) ownership

II. The church has been given a down payment - The Holy Spirit.

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Text: Ephesians 1:7

I. He redeemed us knowing our condition.

II. He rescued us from a hopeless and helpless condition

III. What is the response of the church?

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Text: Ephesians 1:7

As we contiue our study of the Church what does it mean to be called out?

I. The church has been forgiven - redeemed

II. How are we redeemed? - Jesus paid the full price.

III. There is no other path to redeemption.

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