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"Knowing God... Making God Known"

Text: Hebrews 8:

Notes to follow.
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Text: 1st Peter Chapter 1

While we are holy because Christ is holy we are also to remember that we have a responsiblity to personal holiness. In the first 12 verses we see that we have a living hope but begining in verse 13 we see the focus on personal holiness.

1) The Mandate
* Fix your hope fully on the grace - vs. 13
* Do not be conformed but obediant - vs. 14
* Be holy in all your conduct - vs. 15
* Why? Be holy for I am holy - vs. 16 - The measurement is God not man.

2) The Motivation
* We are not redeemed through gold or silver but the blood of Christ.
* Our motivation is the the life and blood of Jesus Christ.

3) The Method
*The word of the Lord endures forever - vs. 22
* In chapter 2: 1-2 we see the method is to desire the pure milk of the word.
* See also 2 Timothy 2: 14-15 - we need to be able to rightly handle the word of God.
* 2 Timothy 3: 12-16 - All scripture is inspired by God and is profitable.

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We were privileged to see Louie Giglio's video on How Great is our God. Below is a portion of the video that shows one of the awesome ways that God has created each of us. If you would like to learn more about Louie Giglio and the Passion Conferences Click Here.

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1 Corinthians 15:1-11
Our guest speaker is Rick Oglesby a former pastor, faculty member at Southeastern Bible College and past President of Carolina Bible College.

In this section of scripture we see the Good News of Jesus Christ. In vs. 8-11 we see insights into God's grace by looking at the personal statements of the apostle Paul.

* verse 8 - One who is like a miscarriage or an abortion. He was dead and useless untill God brought him out.
* in ourselves we are nothing but because of the grace of God and through the power of his son we have been made saints.  Even though the Corinthian church was a very disfunctional fellowship, they were still saints!
* We need to remember that we are holy because he has made us holy.
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