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"Knowing God... Making God Known"
Way to Go!

Text: John 14:1-21

Where are you going? How will you make the journey? Who will be there when you arrive? What's more important the place your going or who you'll be with upon arrival?  As Christians we need to ask ourselves these same questions about our life and our eternal destination. Listen as Bob Waldrep of The Crosswinds Foundation  for Faith and Culture brings us a message from the book of John where Jesus talks to his disciples about the journey they were about to face.


1. The Promise of a Better Place (vs. 1-5)

    * This promise calms the troubled heart and gives confidence

    * It is backed up by the promise/certainty of the resurrection

    * Note the response: "Lord, we do not know where you are going, so how can we find the way?"

2. The Promise of a Relationship with the Father (vs. 6-8)

    * This promise assures us the way is provided and made known through the son.

    * Note the response: "Show us the Father and that will be  enough for us."

    * What is the problem with such a response?

3. The Promise of a Mission (vs. 9-14)

    * The mission flows out of our relationship with the Father

    * The mission is not our own but the fathers

    * The end result of the mission is about bringing glory to the father.

4. The Promise of a Comforter (vs. 15-17)

    * We are empowered for the mission by the work of the Holy Spirit.

    * The Holy Spirit gives us: power, passion, and purpose.

5. The Promise of a Resurrection (vs. 19-21)

    * In the midst of the mission, we can find comfort in the certainty of the resurrection.

    * We live and serve with the certainty that he lives and so shall we.

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Recorded during the Sunday School hour listen to this panel discussion of young missionaries as they discuss each others ministries and how they've gotten to where they are today.


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Missions Conference 2010 - Steve Saint

Recorded during the Evening Worship service listen as Steve Saint continues relating how God has worked in the chapters of his life. He talks about his work on developing a flying car, I-Fly, for use in undeveloped areas of the world.  Steve also discusses how to bring eye care, I-See to people who are without eyeglasses thoughout the world through I-TEC.

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Missions Conference 2010 - Steve Saint

While individual chapters in our lives may seem unexplainable and make little sense to us at the time they are being written, they are all part of the larger story that God has. Let God write your story and remember that the story is not finished until he is done.

Recorded during the Morning Worship Sevice listen as Steve Saint talks about his story and how God used an early chapter in his life (the death of his father Nate Saint) to further the spreading of the Gospel through Steve and the life of others.

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Missions Conference 2010 - Steve Saint

Recorded during the Sunday School hour listen as Steve Saint talks about his work bringing Dental care and other health services to pastors and missionaries thoughout the world through I-TEC.

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Missions Conference 2010  - Nard Pugyao

Listen as Nard Pugyao tells the incredible story of how God has worked in his life. Nard used to be from a family of "head-hunters" from the jungles of the Philippines.  In the 1950's a Wycliffe Bible Translator came to his village called Dibagat located in the province of Apayao in the highlands of the Philippines. The man took notice of Nard and eventually helped him attend school in Manilla and later in the United States where he attended both LeTourneau University and Moody Bible Institute.  Eventually Nard joined JAARS as a pilot/mechanic and was assigned to the Philippines. The truly amazing full-circle to his story is completed when he was allowed to fly in the first copies of the New Testament in his own trible language to Dibagat.

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Text: Ephesians 5:22-25

What does it mean for us to be the "Bride of Christ"?


I. We embrace Christ as our authority. - There is no question as to who the head is.

      1. We embrace his doctrine. - What rights does Christ have in my life? He has the right to rule and reign.

      2. We embrace his word - The Bible is essential for understanding.


II. The Bride should embrace the uniqueness of Christ. - He is the savior of the body.

      1. We should proclaim him as the only savior

      2. We should protect the truth of him as the only savior. (Acts 3:11) - "There is no other name under Heaven that has been given." (see also Gal, 1:6-11) Paul states his amazement at their desertion of the Gospel for a lie.


III. The Bride must embrace the extent of his love. (Eph. 1) We were chosen before the foundation of the world. 

       1. He gave himself for us.

       2. He is always faithful.

       3. He will never leave nor forsake us.


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