Springville Road Community Church
"Knowing God... Making God Known"
A Life of Joy

The  above photo is  the Children's church showing their coats of many colors.

Text: Philippians 3:12-16

The world today preaches a message of happiness and whatever it takes to make you happy.  As Christians we are commanded to have a life of joy.  This joy is not based on how we feel about our spouse, our children, our job or our finances but is found in the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of his resurrection.

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Text: Nehemiah

Listen as Elder David Nichols preaches from the book of Nehemiah.  The name Nehemiah means "Jehovah Comforts" and in this book we see the comfort of the Lord. Nehemiah while just a cupbearer for the king was able to be used by God and as you listen remember that God can use you too. Nehemiah did the following:

  • He Prayed
  • He Planned
  • He Prepared
  • He Persevered

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Today Elder Steve Bartlett explains to the church about the recent retreat that the Elders took.  At the retreat the Elders looked at the direction of the church and its various ministries and began to examine the possibility that the Lord may be leading the church to move it's meetings to a new location.

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