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"Knowing God... Making God Known"

Text: Romans 1:8

Something that we tend to neglect is the discipline of giving thanks. We are slow to give thanks and quick to grumble. Today let's look at the example of the apostle Paul.

I. The Direction of Paul's Thanksgiving.

II. The Depth of Paul's' Thanksgiving

III. Paul's Thankfulness for the Growth

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Listen as Andrew McKumbu talks about the mighty work God is performing in the nation of Kenya. This was recorded during the AM Worship service at SRCC.

SPEAR International Ministry Partners Andrew Mukumbu and his wife Agnes are serving the lord in the city of Ruiru, Kenya.  Many of the 700,000 residents survive on less than $1 (US) a day. The  Mukumbu's moved to Ruiru in 1999 to plant a church.  It was at this time that Andrew was shocked to see how many orphans live in Ruiru so he began to take in some of the orphans and today he has an orphanage with 47 children.  He also has established a school for grades K-8 that has over 320 students.  The students include not only the orphans from the Mukumbu's orphanage but also many other orphans from the area and other school aged children who are too poor to even attend public school.

To see a presentation on this ministry click here. If you would like to get involved in this ministry please visit the SPEAR website by clicking here or here.

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Text: Romans 1:16; Ephesians 2:1-10; I Peter 2:9

Do we have a view of the gospel that is less than full? Do we even have the same view of the gospel that the disciples had?
There are Two Dynamics of the Gospel:
I. The power of the Gospel.   Romans 1:16
     Power is "Dunamis" in the original greek.  This is the same word we get the word dynamite from. This is not a gradual process but is instant and exposive.
II. The purpose of the Gospel.  Ephesians 2:1-10
     Workmanship means literally "a work of art".
* the full gospel saves us from works and also saves us to work. A salvation that has no works is not the full gospel at all.
Food for thought - Revelation 2:1-7 - How do we lose our first love? You lose your need of that person (Jesus). How do we recognize this problem in our lives? By asking ourselves how we treat others.
How will the power of the gospel impact your life today? 
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Text:Mark 10:35-45

Is it possible to be sick and not know it? Absolutely! It is also possible to be a Christian and not be committed to a life of serving the Lord. This morning we want to concentrate on the enemy to service and the friend to service.

I. The ENEMY to a life of Service-PRIDE

II. The FRIEND to a life of service-HUMILITY

How do you know if you are sick? Evaluate your days. Are they spent serving the Lord? One that serves Him should think through this Acrostic:

* Selfless-there is no room for self-centeredness

* Eager-all Christians should desire to be used for His glory

* Resolute-all Christians should be purposed in serving Him

* Vital-serving Him is critical to the health of the church

* Effort-serving Him may lead to exhaustion

* Steadfast-serve Him faithfully to the end

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