Springville Road Community Church
"Knowing God... Making God Known"

Text: ... that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death.

                     Philippians 3:10

Our Relationship With the Lord -  Questions to Consider:

1. What interests in our lives are competing with our desire to know Jesus Christ?

2.  What is the difference between being aware of Jesus Christ the Lord and knowing Jesus Christ your Lord?

3.  What words would accurately describe our current relationship with Jesus Christ?
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God's Direction is Sometimes Cloudy
Text: Exodus 13:17-22

Listen as Rob Caine shares about how God's direction is sometimes cloudy. 

1) God's direction for Israel - A Cloud
A) Continuous presence - (vs.21-22)
B) Constant guide - leading them daily (vs.21-22)
C) Agent of peace - protection and comfort (Exodus 14:19-20)
D) Agent for prayer - (Exodus 33:7-11)
a. Moses the intercessor
b. the cloud initiated praise

2) God's direction for us - The Holy Spirit
A) Continuous presence - (John 14:16; Eph. 1:13)
B) Constant guide - (John 16:8-13)
a. righteousness (vs. 10)
b. truth (vs. 13)
c. control (Eph. 5:18)
C) Peace and Comfort - (John 14:16)
a. prayer (Romans 8:26)
b. praise (Ephesians 15:18-19)

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Our Immeasurable God
Text: Ephesians 3:20

Listen as Brian Firpo, of Campus Outreach in Thailand, challenges us on how limited we view God and his plan for our lives.

* God wants to and will do more than we can ask or imagine. - he is so committed to our holiness that he will lead us through events that will cause us to trust him.

* God is committed to our putting him first and he will put us in circumstances that only he can carry us through.

* God is so committed to bringing glory to his name that he will use sinful vessels like us to bring glory to him.

The example of Adoniram Judson. To read the Biography of Adoniram Judson please click here.

What are you trusting God for today that is beyond your imagination?

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What's It Going to Cost Me?
Text: Luke 14:25-35

Listen as Bob Waldrep of The Crosswinds Foundation  for Faith and Culture challenges us to go out and bring the truth of God's word to a lost and dying world.
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