Springville Road Community Church
"Knowing God... Making God Known"
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Text: Text: Revelation 15:5-16:9

I. Sores
II. Seas to Blood
III. Fresh Water to Blood
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Text: Text: Revelation 15:1-4

I. The Song of Moses. (Exodus 15)
II. The Song of the Lamb.  (Revelation 15:9-10)
III. The Song of the Tribulation Saints.
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Text: Galations 2:11-16

Listen as Bob Waldrep of The Crosswinds Foundation  for Faith and Culture brings a message from the book of Galations.

I. The controversy over the table.
II. Two Dining Plans being offered.
III. The significance of the tables.
IV. Why do we sometimes distance ourselves from the table of grace.
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Listen as SRCC Elder Bruce Grubbs looks at our walk with the Lord.
I. How we are not to Walk.

II. How we are to Walk
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