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"Knowing God... Making God Known"

Text: Luke 2:34-35

Continuing our study of Simeon we will now look at his prophecy.
In addressing Mary Simeon says:
I. Your son is going to cause division (Luke 12:51; 11:37-44)
     However some will Rise- to be made alive.
II. Your son will have oppostion.
     Why would men speak agaist Christ? (John 3:16-21) Because he ws the light of the world.
     What will be the result of those who speak against Christ? (Luke 2:35) Their heart will be revealed - to cause something to be fully known. (Hebrews 4:11)
III. Your son will bring grief.
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Text: Luke 2:25-33

Today we continue with our study of the man Simeon.
I. God's special promise to Simeon (vs. 26)
II. Scriptures silence. (vs. 27)
III. Simeon's Song (vs. 28-32)
     Five Things:
          1. Lord- Ruler
          2. Simeon aknowledges his own position of servant/slave.
          3. Death equates to peace.
          4. God is faithful.
          5. He declaires the salvation.
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Text: Luke 2:25-26

Who was the man Simeon? How did he, Joseph and Mary come to meet? It was trough the Lord!

Simeon the man:

Simeon means "one who listens"

I. He was a saved man. (vs. 25)

II. He was a sanctfied man.

III. He was a sound/selfless man.

IV. He was a Spirit led man.

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To be thankful means to give praise or credit.  We are to give praise to the Lord.

* The Cross -
        “A symbol worn by many but known by few.” - Unknown

* Helper -
        “The Holy Spirit is to many Christians the forgotten helper, however there is no need to go it alone.”  - Bach

* Advocate -
        “We cannot claim to live sinless lives, so the only thing that can keep us from despair before a holy God is that we have an Advocate in heaven that pleads our case not on the basis of our perfection but of His propitiation.” - John Piper

* No Condemnation -
        “Condemnation, yes deserved, yet not reserved for me.  Why, you say?  In Christ I Say”! -  Unknown

* Knowledge -
         “Consider Jesus, Know Jesus, Learn what kind of person it is that you worship.” - John Piper

* Faithful -
         “All promises made by God are ‘Yes’ in Christ.” -  Paul the Apostle                                              

* Unconditional Love -
         “…not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.” -  John the Apostle  

* Life Everlasting -
        “Eternal Life begins the moment one is placed into Christ.” -  Tony Evans

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Text: Acts 4:5-22

Last week we looked at God doing amazing things and his work in salvation.  This week we look at how he works in sanctification.

I. They continued to be Christ centered. vs 7-10

     A. the physical.

     B. the spiritual - not only does Jesus bring about physical healing but he is also the solution for spiritual salvation (healing).


II. They were exculsive in their message, not inclusive. All roads do not lead to God.


III. They werev bold not passive in their message to the Sanhedrin.

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Text: Acts 4:1-4; Revelation 7:1-10

When surrounded by difficult circumstances we may forget that God is still involved.
I. God did amazing things in the past (Acts 4:1-4) 
II. God is doing amazing things today 
III. God will do amazing things in the future (Revelation 7)

1) Whatt is my role today as it relates to the salvation of others?
2) Am I willing to be a vessel used to share the gospel of Jesus Christ?

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Terry Caffey Testimony

On March 1, 2008, Terry Caffey awoke to find his daughter’s boyfriend standing in his bedroom with a gun. An instant later the teen opened fire, killing Terry’s wife, his two sons, and wounding him 12 times, before setting the house ablaze.

Listen as Terry Caffee gives his amazing testimony about how God saved him that night and how the Lord is using him in his ministry A Cross America today.


For more on Jim Pence and how he came to be a part of Terry's story and his testimony listen to these podcasts from Jim's vist to SRCC in November 2009.

Jim Pence pt.1

Jim Pence pt.2

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Listen as serveral ministries at SRCC are discussed at our annual church conference.

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Text: I Peter 4:19-5:1-4

Peter, the Shepherd Calls for a:
I. Commitment from the Sheep.
    4:19-entrust your souls/lives to a faithful Creator
           ***entrust is an accounting term.  Peter is saying to them deposit your lives/commit your lives/give over your lives to your faithful Creator. To the one who made you/the one who sustains you/the one who knows the number of your days/knows the number of hairs on your head/the one who allows and knows your suffering give Him your life! 
II. Commitment from the Shepherds-lead (oversee) the flock of God among you (vs. 5:2)
A. Why shepherd?
1. We are Equal-share the same responsibility
2. We have the same Example. Shepherding involves suffering-I am an eyewitness of the Chief Shepherd/His sufferings and His Response to it
3. We will share in glory together
B. What’s involved in shepherding?
The key phrase is “exercising oversight.”  The phrase means to watch closely which requires involvement in their lives.  As you watch them closely this is should be your attitude:
1. Watch them willingly not because you are forced too.
2. Don’t watch them for selfish reasons but because it is your desire. (If any man aspires to the office of overseer or has the desire)
3. Don’t watch them being arrogant, but as you watch them be examples (example means leave your imprint which should mean being a selfless committed faithful slave of Christ)
   !!! If this is done you (shepherd’s) will receive the unfading crown (stephanos) of glory.

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Text: James 1:12; Revelation 2:10

Listen as Dean Self teaches on the Crown of Life also known as the Martyr's Crown.
Intro- Talbot Seminary study states that there is an average of 165,000 martyrs each year.

1. What gave those martyrs the courage to face death and stay true to their convictions?
2. Do I have what it takes to face death and stay true to Christ?
            - Let’s look at the verses to see if we can get a handle on what it takes.
I. James 1:12

* Blessed = to be spiritually prosperous
* endures temptation = “to remain under” or “tested”!
dokimazo- a testing in the hope and expectation that it would be found approved. 
I Corinthians 3:13 is a good example.  The purpose is to approve the works done under the power of the Holy Spirit and the expectation is great to a point that God will give a “well done, enter into the joy of the Lord”
peirazo- a testing to pierce, search or attempt to find a fault or putting a man to the test with the intention of breaking him under that test.  Revelation 2:2 is a good example.  The test here was to test them to a point that they would give themselves away because of their evil intentions.
diadema = to bind around. It was a ribbon or turban and speaks or kingly authority
stephanos  = victor’s crown given to champions of athletic events for their superior training and victory in their race. This crown was named after Stephan the first martyr in the New Testament.
In this verse, we have a Christian being solicited to do evil. He has successfully met the test by refusing to sin. His reward is the “stephanos of life”!
Note: The Greek reads like this-the crown of the life is his reward.
THIS IS NOT ETERNAL LIFE (Ryrie says it is!)

1. The believer already has eternal life at the moment of salvation.
2. If he did not have eternal life, he would not be able to overcome the temptation.
3. The reward is given for what the believer has done, whereas, salvation is what Christ has done. (not by works-Ef.2:8,9)
II. Revelation 2:10

unto = up to the point and including death. (Phil. 2:8)
tribulation = is the Greek word : “thlipsis” - to crush by applying heavy pressure.
death = means death! 
Revelation 14:14 - we see Christ with the last “stephanos”(the victor’s crown)
III. Take Aways:

1. You are indestructible till God is finished with you. (Ps. 31:14,15) “But I trust in thee, O Lord; I said, Thou art my God. My times are in Thy hands; deliver me from the hand of my enemies and from them that persecute me.”
2. Death is tamed! (I Cor. 15:55) “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?”
3. Nothing matters more than knowing God’s purpose for your life and nothing can compensate for not knowing it!
4. You were not put on the earth to be remembered! You were put here to prepare for eternity.
5. Life is a temporary assignment! (Ps. 39:4-6) “Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered - how fleeting my life is. You have made my life no longer than the width of my hand. My entire life is just a moment to you; at best, each of us is but a breath.”
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Text: I Thessalonians 2:17-3:13

The Six Pictures:

1. The picture of Desire. (vs. 17-20)

2. Paul had Opposition in his ministry (vs. 18)

3. The picture of Victory. (vs. 19-20)

4. The picture of Concern. (3:1-5)

5. The picture of Rejoicing. (3:6-10)

6. The picture of Dependance. (3:11-13)

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Text: 2 Timothy 4:1-8

Near the end of the Aposile Paul's life he writes to Timothy exhorting him to continue in the work that God has called him to.  Paul encourages him to not quit but to endure the suffering and to fullfil the ministry.

1) Two Pictures - (vs 6-7)

      * Life

      * Death

2) Keys -

      * Perspective on our position - we are slaves of Christ

      * We need to learn to pray

      * Ministry

      * Learn to be content - 1 Tim. 6:7

3) the Crown  (vs. 8) - righteousness

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Text: Revelation 2

How is your love relationship with the Lord? 

The example of the church at Ephesus:

1. Praise (vs. 1-3)

2. The Problem (Vs 4)

     * They had left their 1st love.

     * They were cold.

     * The key to evaluation is through worship.

3. The Solution to the Problem (vs. 5)

     *Remember from where you have fallen

     *Repent - Turn to Christ (see also Psalm 63)

     * Return

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Text: Mark 1

Are you willing to fish for men? Every believer in Christ is to be fishing for men.

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Bob Waldrip

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Text: I Thessalonians 2:1-8

Looking at the Example of Paul

1) His Integrity in Ministry (vs. 1-2)

2) The Integrity of the Message (vs. 3-4)

3) The Integrity of their Motives (vs. 5-6)


The Results (vs. 7-8)

1. They proved to be gentle.

2. They proved to be truthful.

3. They became very dear to them.

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Text: John 13:34-35; I Thess. 3:11-13; I Thess. 4:9-12


I. The command of Love is Clear (John 13:34)

     * What type of Love? - Agape

II. The Command of Love is Weighty (John 13:35) - you are my disciple.

III. The Challenge (see I Thess. 3:11-13; I Thess. 4:9-12)

     * To excel

IV. The Warning (I John 2:7-11)

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Text: II Corinthians 8

To yield means to surrender or to give up. While this is not common in the world today it is essential if we are to allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives.

I. A yielded life is not distracted by circumstances. (vs. 1-2)

II. A yielded life goes above and beyond. (vs. 3)

Are we totally yielded to the Lord today? Healthy churches happen when they are surrended to the Lord.



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But Jonah

Text: Jonah

Bob Flanders of Spear International brings a message on lessons we can learn today from the Prophet Jonah.


1. The Sovereignty of God

     a. wind

     b. fish

     c. vine

     d. worm

2. The Mercy of God

     a. People of Nineveh

     b. Jonah and the sailors

3. Jonah's theology was accurate however his heart was totally wrong because he missed the heart of God.



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Relationships with Others

Colossians 4:5

"Walk in wisdom toward those who are outside..."

* Here outsiders means those who are outside the church and in the context of this verse refers to nonbelievers of Christ.

* In the past God has used different representatives including: Adam, Joseph, Moses, Israel.  Today the Church is his representative.

1) The command- "Walk in wisdom toward those who are outside..."

2) How do we follow through in obeying this command?

     a) Hospitality

               1. Be friendly

               2. Keep the physical and spiritual house clean

               3. Treat them like company

     b) Build relationships - It starts with a handshake but it can't end there. (1 Cor. 5)

     c) Be Gospel minded - Just building a relationship is not enough

               1. Just building a relationship is not enough

               2. We must make sure that the Gospel is our goal

     d) Seeing Potential in People

               1. Remember it is God that does the work. 

               2. It is not up to us to know what his plan is for their life.

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Luke 23:33-46

Before we take a look at the book of James and its teaching on the tongue it would be wise to take a look at what Christ had to say about the tongue during his earthly ministry.  In Luke 23 we see the example of Christ and how he responded to those who persecuted him.  In Matthew 5 we see the instructions and in Luke 23:39 we see Christ ask for forgiveness for those who crucified him.

1) His Compassion

     a) the merices of God

     b) spiritual service of worship

2) The Salvation of the Lord (vs. 43)

3) Surrender - he gave himself for us (vs. 46)

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Romans 11:36

God has a plan for us in Body Life and he expects us to follow his instruction

* Issue #2 in our study of body life is the belief that each member in the Body of Christ has the responsibility to glorify God.  How much we realize this will impact how we live each day.  Self works it way in and has a corrosive effect.

* Signs of a committed life:

1) Present over our bodies

     a) the mercies of God

     b) spiritual service of worship

2) Present over our minds (see also Eph. 4:17-24)

     a) the enemy of the mind is the world

     b) the ally of the mind is the word (Psalm 19:7-11; Psalm 119:41-48)

3) Equal value seen in God's purpose for each of us. (vs. 21-26)


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I Corinthians 12:12-26

Many times we tend to think of some people as more valuble in the body of Christ than others. This is wrong thinking because all are valuable in the Body of Christ.

* Body Life- The knitting together of believers for the purpose of glorifying Jesus Christ

* Equal value in the Body is demonstrated in 3 ways:

1) God's working at salvation (vs. 13)

2) In God's sovereignty giving gifts (vs. 14-19)

3) Equal value seen in God's purpose for each of us. (vs. 21-26)


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I Corinthians 12:12; Acts2:41-

Many times we think of the local church as the Body of Christ.  While the local church is a part of the Body of Christ it is only a small part throughout the world.

* The body of Christ needs the Lord daily. (Acts 2:46-) "day by day" with one mind.

* The body of Christ glorifies Christ by having unity - being knit together.


Topics to be covered in this series:

1) Beliefs

2) Our Tongue

3) Discipline

4) Yielding

5) Love

6) Isolation

7) Fishing

8) Easy Chair


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Text: I Sammual 1

Hannah was a woman of great faith

1) Her  hardship in her life

      a) her rival - Peninnah - who had children

      b) her barreness- she was childless

      c) her husband - he didn't "get it"

2) Her response to hardship in her life

      a) prayer

      b) persistence

      c) honesty

3) The Provision

      a) Samuel

      b) blessings


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Ephesians 6:1-3; Col. 3:20

Listen as Paster Thad explains six common hurdles that children (and adults) face on a daily basis.  In looking at these passages it is important to remember the importance of being Spirit filled.  As a matter of context children during the time of the New Testament lived with their parents until they became married and started families of their own.

1) Authority - (Eph. 5:15-18)

2) Compromise

3) Laziness - (1 Cor. 9:24-27)

4) Selfishness - (Phil. 2:3-4) - God 1st, Others 2nd, Self last.

5) Disobedience - (Eph. 6:1) - to obey means to hear and respond.

6) Disrespect - (Eph. 6:2) - to honor means to hold in high place.


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Ephesians 6:4; Col. 3:21

Listen as Paster Thad talks to Fathers about their responsiblities in raising children.

I. a Father must embrace the Lord’s Warning- Do not/Stop provoking (to stir up) your children to anger.      

How are children provoked?-Warren Wiersbe shares his list; it goes as follows:

   1. Neglect

   2. Abusive Language (4:29)

   3. Favoritism (Jacob toward Joseph)

   4. Unfulfilled Promises

   5. Always Negative/Never Praising

   Why not provoke children? - so the child will not lose heart -to lose heart mean to break a child’s spirit/to become disheartened.

II. a Father must embrace the Lord’s Command - Bring up/Nourish toward maturity

     -this is not optional for a Christian father     

A. Fathers bring up your children in the Discipline of the Lord. The word discipline involves the whole/makeup of the child.  In other words it involves the overall training of children with an emphasis on discipline.          

Remember what Solomon said as recorded in the Proverbs:

        “He who withholds his rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him diligently.”

        “Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child; the rod of discipline will remove it far from him.”

        “Do not hold back discipline from the child, although you strike him with the rod, he will not die.”     

B. Fathers bring up your children in the Instruction of the Lord (literally means to put into the mind/meaning a father is to be devoted to putting God’s word in the mind of their children.         

            1. Salvation-the gospel of grace                   

            2. Sanctification-living the Christian life   

Albert Barnes said, “If a man does not teach his children truth, others will teach them error.”

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Ephesians 6:1-4

Regrettably in today's culture fathers seem to be failing in their responsibilities and disciplining children is one of those responsibilities. Let's look at what the scriptures have to say on the subject of discipline.

* Colossians 3:21 - The responsibility falls on fathers.

* Proverbs 13:24 - If you don't spank then you hate the child.

* Proverbs 22:15 - Rod of correction will remove foolishness from the child.

* Proverbs23:13-14 - Do not withhold correction as it won't kill the child.

* Proverbs 29:15 - The rod and rebuke give wisdom.

* Hebrews 12:4 - Discipline is called for and God chastens those he loves.

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I Thessalonians 4:13-18

Hope-What comes to mind when you think of the word hope?  The main message of hope in the Bible centers on the Lord Jesus Christ.  In fact in the New Testament the word hope appears about 75 times.  The word hope is vital to the message of Christianity and is linked to the person of Christ.  For our purposes our attention will be on Hope’s message.”  What is that Message and How does it impact our lives.


I. Hope’s Message in the Present (Centers on Grief) (vs.13)

    A. The Bible Says-don’t grieve like the unregenerate man.    

    B. The Bible Does Not Say-the author does not discourage grief.  In fact the Bible says there is an appointed time for everything.  And there is a time for everything under heaven which involves weeping and mourning.

II. Hope’s Message in the Past (Centers on the Gospel) (vs.14)    

   A. The Death of Christ-I Corinthians 15 says, “Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures…”    

   B. The Resurrection of Christ-Paul also writes, “He was buried and He was raised the third day according to the Scriptures…”    

   C. The Promise of another Resurrection-His power to raise illustrated not only in the life of Lazarus but also...

III. Hope’s Message in the Future (Centers on Guarantees) Why is Hope’s Message in the Future Important?  Just listen to this verse from I Corinthians (vs.15)- “If we have hoped in Christ, in this life only we are of all men most to be pitied.”      

   A. The Return of the Lord –heaven is about the Lord.         

   B. The Reunion of all who are in Christ (those dead at Christ’s return and those alive when He returns).    

   C. The Realization of Eternity-we (the church) will always be with the Lord.    

IV. Hope’s Responsibility-Encouragement-that instruction is for the entire body of Christ - So What?  What Impact Does Hope Have in Our Lives?

   1. For some maybe nothing at all-Why? No relationship with the Lord.

   2. Gives perspective on grieving/we will see those in Christ for eternity.

   3. Grateful hearts/heart that are burdened for the lost.

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Text: Luke 24:44-47


Definition-a change of mind. Biblical Repentance is a turning toward and a turning away; literally a turning toward God and away from Sin.

Thayer’s Greek Lexicon defines repentance as “the change of mind of those who have begun to abhor their errors and misdeeds, and have determined to enter up a better course of life, so that it (repentance) is both recognition of sin and sorrow for it.”


I. The Hurdles to a Consistent Message




II. The Commitment to a Consistent Message

John the Baptist-Mark 1

The Lord Jesus-Mark 1

Peter-Acts 2,3

Paul-Acts 20:17ff; 26:15ff

Jesus-in His message to the seven churches (Revelation 2-3)


III. The Example of True Repentance (I Thessalonians 1:9-11)

A. They turned to God

B. They turned from Sin

C. To Serve and Wait

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Text: Colossians 3:1-17

We all face a battle of the mind. What is this battle and how do we win it?

I. Poisons

    1) Self-Centeredness

    2) The World

II. The Prescription (vs. 2) - "Set your mind on things above." - Our Focus is to be up not down.

    1) Things above - Christ - because that is where he is and because of what he's done for us.

    2) His Right to Rule. - "seated at the right hand of God"

              His position - he has the right to rule in our lives. (Matthew 6:19-21)

III. Hindrances - Sin is the hindrance to right thinking.

    1) Our own body (vs.5-7)

    2) Sin against others (vs.8-9)

IV. Action

    1) Focus on our attitude toward others (vs. 12-14)

    2) Focus on the Lord (vs. 15-17)

          a. recognize him as Lord.

          b. recognize his sovereignty

          c. In whatever I do, I do it all in the name of the Lord.

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Text: Philippians 4:4-

What are God's expectations for us.  "Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice." To rejoice is an outward expression of an inward attitude as it relates to God.

1) It is a command. - rejoicing is not optional.

2) It is something to be continued - I am to start and continue to rejoice (there are no breaks or timeouts)

3) The Focus of our rejoicing - What are we to rejoice in? The Lord.

The key to rejoicing is your personal relationship with Christ.

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Text: Romans 8:18-38, Philippians 3:7-14

In the short term adversity is something that impedes our progress however over the long term it is something that assures our progress.

In studying the life of Paul we see that beginning right after his conversion to Christianity he began to experience adversity. (Acts9:19- ).  Over time he would have many attempts made on his life.  What sort of example can we learn from Paul?  How did he handle this adversity? Listen as Rob Caine brings us a message from God's word.

1) He had a proper perspective of earthy things.(Philippians 3:7-11)  He sees the big picture, "I may attain to the resurrection from the dead."

2) He had the right perspective on death.  He understood suffering for Christ. (Philippians 3:12-14) We see the long term perspective Paul had.

3) Paul understood the outcome. The answer is at the end. (Romans 8:28-38) In vs. 38 Paul emphasizes that nothing can separate us from him.


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Way to Go!

Text: John 14:1-21

Where are you going? How will you make the journey? Who will be there when you arrive? What's more important the place your going or who you'll be with upon arrival?  As Christians we need to ask ourselves these same questions about our life and our eternal destination. Listen as Bob Waldrep of The Crosswinds Foundation  for Faith and Culture brings us a message from the book of John where Jesus talks to his disciples about the journey they were about to face.


1. The Promise of a Better Place (vs. 1-5)

    * This promise calms the troubled heart and gives confidence

    * It is backed up by the promise/certainty of the resurrection

    * Note the response: "Lord, we do not know where you are going, so how can we find the way?"

2. The Promise of a Relationship with the Father (vs. 6-8)

    * This promise assures us the way is provided and made known through the son.

    * Note the response: "Show us the Father and that will be  enough for us."

    * What is the problem with such a response?

3. The Promise of a Mission (vs. 9-14)

    * The mission flows out of our relationship with the Father

    * The mission is not our own but the fathers

    * The end result of the mission is about bringing glory to the father.

4. The Promise of a Comforter (vs. 15-17)

    * We are empowered for the mission by the work of the Holy Spirit.

    * The Holy Spirit gives us: power, passion, and purpose.

5. The Promise of a Resurrection (vs. 19-21)

    * In the midst of the mission, we can find comfort in the certainty of the resurrection.

    * We live and serve with the certainty that he lives and so shall we.

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Recorded during the Sunday School hour listen to this panel discussion of young missionaries as they discuss each others ministries and how they've gotten to where they are today.


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Missions Conference 2010 - Steve Saint

Recorded during the Evening Worship service listen as Steve Saint continues relating how God has worked in the chapters of his life. He talks about his work on developing a flying car, I-Fly, for use in undeveloped areas of the world.  Steve also discusses how to bring eye care, I-See to people who are without eyeglasses thoughout the world through I-TEC.

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Missions Conference 2010 - Steve Saint

While individual chapters in our lives may seem unexplainable and make little sense to us at the time they are being written, they are all part of the larger story that God has. Let God write your story and remember that the story is not finished until he is done.

Recorded during the Morning Worship Sevice listen as Steve Saint talks about his story and how God used an early chapter in his life (the death of his father Nate Saint) to further the spreading of the Gospel through Steve and the life of others.

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Missions Conference 2010 - Steve Saint

Recorded during the Sunday School hour listen as Steve Saint talks about his work bringing Dental care and other health services to pastors and missionaries thoughout the world through I-TEC.

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Missions Conference 2010  - Nard Pugyao

Listen as Nard Pugyao tells the incredible story of how God has worked in his life. Nard used to be from a family of "head-hunters" from the jungles of the Philippines.  In the 1950's a Wycliffe Bible Translator came to his village called Dibagat located in the province of Apayao in the highlands of the Philippines. The man took notice of Nard and eventually helped him attend school in Manilla and later in the United States where he attended both LeTourneau University and Moody Bible Institute.  Eventually Nard joined JAARS as a pilot/mechanic and was assigned to the Philippines. The truly amazing full-circle to his story is completed when he was allowed to fly in the first copies of the New Testament in his own trible language to Dibagat.

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Text: Ephesians 5:22-25

What does it mean for us to be the "Bride of Christ"?


I. We embrace Christ as our authority. - There is no question as to who the head is.

      1. We embrace his doctrine. - What rights does Christ have in my life? He has the right to rule and reign.

      2. We embrace his word - The Bible is essential for understanding.


II. The Bride should embrace the uniqueness of Christ. - He is the savior of the body.

      1. We should proclaim him as the only savior

      2. We should protect the truth of him as the only savior. (Acts 3:11) - "There is no other name under Heaven that has been given." (see also Gal, 1:6-11) Paul states his amazement at their desertion of the Gospel for a lie.


III. The Bride must embrace the extent of his love. (Eph. 1) We were chosen before the foundation of the world. 

       1. He gave himself for us.

       2. He is always faithful.

       3. He will never leave nor forsake us.


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Text: Ephisians 5:22-33

I. hupotasso

* hupotasso was a secular military term used to describe the responsibility of a soldier lining up under his commanding officer.  * hupotasso- a word that assumes headship, which the New Testament verifies.     (see alsoI Corinthians 11:3) * hupotasso concerns order not value.  The husband is of no greater value than the wife.

* The word hupo means “under,” and tasso, means “to remain.”  Put together the word then by definition means “to remain under.”   * Key Phrase- the phrase “as to the Lord” qualifies her primary responsibility; which is submission to the Lord.


II. Phobeo

* The Word phobeo comes from phobos meaning fear, reverence, respect and honor.  * Clearly in context the idea of phobeo is to have respect for one’s husband.  The present tense of the word calls for ongoing continuous respect.


III. Hurdles to Respect and Submission

* Desire

* Culture

* Equally Yoked (see also 2 Cor. 6:14-18)

* Belittlement

* Loving Leadership

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Text: Ephesians 5:22-33

Percentage of Married People Who Reach Anniversaries:
5th: 82%
10th: 65%
15th: 52%
25th: 33%
35th: 20%
50th: 5%

Principle #4- God has a clear design for how the family is to function.

A. Sacrificial love-meaning the husband, in love gives himself for his wife.  He gives to her by recognizing and responding to her needs:

   3. Physical-have eyes for her only.
          a. Affirmation-involves expressing   your dedication to her.
          b. Affection-should be expressed to her on a regular basis.

B. Caring love-there are two words the author uses to help describe this love.

    1. Nourishes-to provide for; to nurture. 
    2. Cherishes-to warm; to be tender toward.

C. Lasting love-from the very beginning the blueprint for marriage was given.

    1. Leave-potentially a major road block in the marriage.

    2. Cleave-literally means to be glued together.  The emphasis is on  permanence.

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Ephesians 5:15-33

Interesting Statistic: Couples on average spend 12 to 15 minutes a day in conversation. 

Principle #4- God has a clear design for how the family is to function.

I. The Husband is the leader who loves.
        A. Sacrificial love-meaning the husband, in love gives himself for his wife.  He gives to her by recognizing and responding to her needs:

            1. Spiritual- Time in prayer and the word.

            2. Emotional-centers on the word communication.
                a. the need to be heard
                b. the need to hear

*Issues Affecting Communication:
*One or both acting defensive under criticism.
*Always being negative about the others view.
*Blaming the other for anything that goes wrong.
*Bringing up past arguments.
*Not forgiving.
*Wanting to win every argument.
*Not listening to the others opinion.
*Unresolved conflict.
*Interrupting the other when they are speaking.
*Finding it difficult to say “I’m sorry”.

    3. Physical-have eyes for her only.

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Ephesians 5:15-33

As we continue our series on healthy relationships we now turn our attention to the role of husbands.

Principle #4- God has a clear design for how the family is to function.

I. The Husband is the Leader who Loves.
(a passive husband will result in an over assertive wife.)

A) Loves Sacrificially- meaning the husband, in love gives himself for his wife.

1. Spiritual- Time in prayer and the word.
Three benefits - * "How can I pray for you? * She will see your need to depend on the Lord. * It sets the example for being the godly father.

What are the advantages? - (see also Psalm 119:33) Every husband needs to be teachable.
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Text: Ephesians 5:18

Principle # 1-The supreme objective of the church is to Glorify God:
Principle # 2- God desires that we (the church) live a balanced life. 
Principle # 3- God has given to us the power source for victorious living.
“Do not get drunk with wine, for that is dissipation, but be filled with the Holy Spirit.”    -Ephesians 5:18

1) He Regenerated us-regeneration is the act whereby the Spirit cleanses the person from sin and gives them a new nature. (Titus 3:5; John 3:3-8)
“He saved us, not on the basis of deeds which we have done in righteousness, but according to His mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewing by the Holy Spirit.” Titus 3:5

2) He Indwelt Us-indwelling of the Holy Spirit is His taking up residence within the believer. (John 14:16-17; Romans 8:9,11)
“And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever; the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it does not behold Him or know Him, but you know Him because He abides with you, and will be in you.”  John 14:16-17

3) He Sealed Us-the sealing of the Holy Spirit is the work of God the Father who sets the Holy Spirit as a seal upon every believer to preserve him until the day of redemption. (Eph. 1:13; 4:30)
“And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.”  Ephesians 4:30

4) He Baptized Us-the baptism of the Holy Spirit is that work in which He brings the believer into union with Christ and all other believers. (I Cor. 12:13; Gal. 3:27-28)
“For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free, and we were all made to drink of one Spirit.”  I Cor. 12:13

* He Fills Us-this does not concern us receiving more of the Holy Spirit.  To be filled by the Holy Spirit is to be under His control.  The Key to right living and healthy Biblical relationships is being Spirit-controlled!

Practical Consequences of being Spirit-filled:
#1- Singing-the first consequence of being Spirit-filled is that you will have a song in your heart.
#2- Giving thanks to the Lord:
         for all things
         in the Name of Christ

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