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"Knowing God... Making God Known"

Text: Luke 2:34-35

Continuing our study of Simeon we will now look at his prophecy.
In addressing Mary Simeon says:
I. Your son is going to cause division (Luke 12:51; 11:37-44)
     However some will Rise- to be made alive.
II. Your son will have oppostion.
     Why would men speak agaist Christ? (John 3:16-21) Because he ws the light of the world.
     What will be the result of those who speak against Christ? (Luke 2:35) Their heart will be revealed - to cause something to be fully known. (Hebrews 4:11)
III. Your son will bring grief.
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Text: Luke 2:25-33

Today we continue with our study of the man Simeon.
I. God's special promise to Simeon (vs. 26)
II. Scriptures silence. (vs. 27)
III. Simeon's Song (vs. 28-32)
     Five Things:
          1. Lord- Ruler
          2. Simeon aknowledges his own position of servant/slave.
          3. Death equates to peace.
          4. God is faithful.
          5. He declaires the salvation.
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Text: Luke 2:25-26

Who was the man Simeon? How did he, Joseph and Mary come to meet? It was trough the Lord!

Simeon the man:

Simeon means "one who listens"

I. He was a saved man. (vs. 25)

II. He was a sanctfied man.

III. He was a sound/selfless man.

IV. He was a Spirit led man.

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To be thankful means to give praise or credit.  We are to give praise to the Lord.

* The Cross -
        “A symbol worn by many but known by few.” - Unknown

* Helper -
        “The Holy Spirit is to many Christians the forgotten helper, however there is no need to go it alone.”  - Bach

* Advocate -
        “We cannot claim to live sinless lives, so the only thing that can keep us from despair before a holy God is that we have an Advocate in heaven that pleads our case not on the basis of our perfection but of His propitiation.” - John Piper

* No Condemnation -
        “Condemnation, yes deserved, yet not reserved for me.  Why, you say?  In Christ I Say”! -  Unknown

* Knowledge -
         “Consider Jesus, Know Jesus, Learn what kind of person it is that you worship.” - John Piper

* Faithful -
         “All promises made by God are ‘Yes’ in Christ.” -  Paul the Apostle                                              

* Unconditional Love -
         “…not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.” -  John the Apostle  

* Life Everlasting -
        “Eternal Life begins the moment one is placed into Christ.” -  Tony Evans

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Text: Acts 4:5-22

Last week we looked at God doing amazing things and his work in salvation.  This week we look at how he works in sanctification.

I. They continued to be Christ centered. vs 7-10

     A. the physical.

     B. the spiritual - not only does Jesus bring about physical healing but he is also the solution for spiritual salvation (healing).


II. They were exculsive in their message, not inclusive. All roads do not lead to God.


III. They werev bold not passive in their message to the Sanhedrin.

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Text: Acts 4:1-4; Revelation 7:1-10

When surrounded by difficult circumstances we may forget that God is still involved.
I. God did amazing things in the past (Acts 4:1-4) 
II. God is doing amazing things today 
III. God will do amazing things in the future (Revelation 7)

1) Whatt is my role today as it relates to the salvation of others?
2) Am I willing to be a vessel used to share the gospel of Jesus Christ?

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Terry Caffey Testimony

On March 1, 2008, Terry Caffey awoke to find his daughter’s boyfriend standing in his bedroom with a gun. An instant later the teen opened fire, killing Terry’s wife, his two sons, and wounding him 12 times, before setting the house ablaze.

Listen as Terry Caffee gives his amazing testimony about how God saved him that night and how the Lord is using him in his ministry A Cross America today.


For more on Jim Pence and how he came to be a part of Terry's story and his testimony listen to these podcasts from Jim's vist to SRCC in November 2009.

Jim Pence pt.1

Jim Pence pt.2

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Listen as serveral ministries at SRCC are discussed at our annual church conference.

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Text: I Peter 4:19-5:1-4

Peter, the Shepherd Calls for a:
I. Commitment from the Sheep.
    4:19-entrust your souls/lives to a faithful Creator
           ***entrust is an accounting term.  Peter is saying to them deposit your lives/commit your lives/give over your lives to your faithful Creator. To the one who made you/the one who sustains you/the one who knows the number of your days/knows the number of hairs on your head/the one who allows and knows your suffering give Him your life! 
II. Commitment from the Shepherds-lead (oversee) the flock of God among you (vs. 5:2)
A. Why shepherd?
1. We are Equal-share the same responsibility
2. We have the same Example. Shepherding involves suffering-I am an eyewitness of the Chief Shepherd/His sufferings and His Response to it
3. We will share in glory together
B. What’s involved in shepherding?
The key phrase is “exercising oversight.”  The phrase means to watch closely which requires involvement in their lives.  As you watch them closely this is should be your attitude:
1. Watch them willingly not because you are forced too.
2. Don’t watch them for selfish reasons but because it is your desire. (If any man aspires to the office of overseer or has the desire)
3. Don’t watch them being arrogant, but as you watch them be examples (example means leave your imprint which should mean being a selfless committed faithful slave of Christ)
   !!! If this is done you (shepherd’s) will receive the unfading crown (stephanos) of glory.

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