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"Knowing God... Making God Known"

Text: Luke 2:34-35

Continuing our study of Simeon we will now look at his prophecy.
In addressing Mary Simeon says:
I. Your son is going to cause division (Luke 12:51; 11:37-44)
     However some will Rise- to be made alive.
II. Your son will have oppostion.
     Why would men speak agaist Christ? (John 3:16-21) Because he ws the light of the world.
     What will be the result of those who speak against Christ? (Luke 2:35) Their heart will be revealed - to cause something to be fully known. (Hebrews 4:11)
III. Your son will bring grief.
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Text: Luke 2:25-33

Today we continue with our study of the man Simeon.
I. God's special promise to Simeon (vs. 26)
II. Scriptures silence. (vs. 27)
III. Simeon's Song (vs. 28-32)
     Five Things:
          1. Lord- Ruler
          2. Simeon aknowledges his own position of servant/slave.
          3. Death equates to peace.
          4. God is faithful.
          5. He declaires the salvation.
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Text: Luke 2:25-26

Who was the man Simeon? How did he, Joseph and Mary come to meet? It was trough the Lord!

Simeon the man:

Simeon means "one who listens"

I. He was a saved man. (vs. 25)

II. He was a sanctfied man.

III. He was a sound/selfless man.

IV. He was a Spirit led man.

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