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"Knowing God... Making God Known"

Text: Mark 7:1-13

Are we bound by the word of God or the traditions of man?
I. The Accusation (vs. 1-5) - The Pharisees accused the disciples of not following the tradition of ceremonial washing before eating a meal.
II. The Condemnation (vs. 6-13) - Jesus used the word of God to address the Pharisees because they had become obsessed with the external appearance while ignoring the filth of their hearts.
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Text: II Timothy 3:1-9; Revelation 2:1-5

As we mature in the Lord it becomes harder to evaluate our love relationship with the Lord. What is the state of the church today? What is the state of individual believers today? In II Tim. 3 Paul describe the conditions near the end times and it is not a pretty picture.  Busyness can rob us of a relationship. Are we just running down a checklist or are we focused on our relationship with the Lord?

In Revelation 2 we see that the church in Ephesus was quite busy and seemed successful however Jesus told them that they had lost their first love.  They were commanded to remember from where they had fallen (what it was like when they were first saved) and to repent and do the first works.

How is your relationship with the Lord today?
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Text: Mark 6:45-52; Matthew 14:22-33

What is the Lord teaching you today?

I. Preparation Time - for teaching

II. Lesson Time

     1. I am God, stop fearing

     2. Peter's response

     3. The Lesson - "you of little faith" Why did you doubt?

III. The Conclusion

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Text: Mark 5:21-43

Scene #1

 Introduction to Jairus-Jairus-a man of power and prestige/opposite in many ways of the unnamed woman we are introduced to later.  He was a ruler in the synagogue/she would have not been allowed in the synagogue because she would have been considered unclean. 

 * Jarirus does the unthinkable.  He falls down before the Lord (a picture of humility) and begs for the life of his daughter.  His statement in verse 23 is one of belief.  “My little daughter is at the point of death; please come and lay Your hands on her, so that she will get well and live.” 

 Life Principle #1-The Lord is always the answer to man’s problems. 


Scene #2

* An unplanned interruption (unplanned on the part of Jairus). What happens next is certainly not on the radar of Jairus.  There is an interruption.  A woman who is suffering from a hemorrhage for 12 years approaches Jesus.

 a) Her Suffering -the Bible speaks of her physical suffering/her investment in trying to get well and the financial strain this caused in her life, with no result.   

b) Her Thought- the Bible records in verse her thought.  She thought if she touched His garments/cloak she would get well.  Matthew and Luke record she thought if she touched the fringe of his cloak/garment.  The word fringe is translated as an appendage hanging down from the edge of the cloak.c) Her Healing/Subsequent question-the Bible records in verse 29 that she was healed.  There is some discussion even debate as to why Jesus ask the question recorded in verse 30.  I believe that certainly part of the reason was for His glory, but I also believe there are 2 reasons that tie directly to the woman.  The first is recorded in verse 33.  She has the opportunity to confess to Jesus her entire story.  The Bible records it as her being able to tell Him, “the whole truth.”  She tells hers story and not only does the Lord hear, but Jairus, the disciples and at least some of the crowd.  Secondly, verse 34 records that Jesus is able to pronounce her as clean in front of Jairus, the disciples and the crowd.  (the word well is the word sozo meaning saved.   Not only was she pronounced physically healed by Jesus she was spiritually healed. 

 Life Principle #2-the interruptions in our lives are opportunities to witness the Awesome work of the Lord!  


Scene #3

 * The Dire Announcement-people come from the house of Jairus to announce that his daughter is dead.  In fact they indicate there is no reason to trouble Jesus with the matter any further.

- The Unexpected Words and Action- Jesus then does 2 things that are unexpected.  He 1st of all tells those present there is no need for weeping because the girl is simply asleep. (39) The word asleep in the New Testament is used to describe a temporary state.  It seems to be used to describe those who are the Lord’s.  Secondly, the Bible records that Jesus raises the little girl from her “sleep.”

 Life Principle #3 -a waste of time to man, is a window into God’s sovereign plan.

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Text: Romans 12:1-8

What does it mean to be "under God"? To be under means to be submissive or to obey.

I. We give our Body (vs.1)

     a) we must yield the members of the body as instruments of righteousness (Romans 6:13)

     b) we must recognize that our body is God's temple (I Cor. 6:19-20)

II. We give God our Mind (vs.2)

     a) the word conformed is the idea of being similar or alike (I Peter 1:13-14)

     b) the Greek word transformed is seen in the English word metamorphosis - a total change from the inside out.

III. We use the gifts for God's Church and his Glory (vs.3-8)

     a) we should know the importance of humility (vs.3)

     b) We should know we have been given the faith to serve him (vs.3)

     c) We should know we are one body but have different gifts (vs. 4-8)


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