Springville Road Community Church
"Knowing God... Making God Known"
"Choose the Better Part" - Steve Chamblee

Text: Luke 10:38-42

Pastor Steve Chamblee grew up attending Springville Road Community Church. He holds a degree in Theology from Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham, AL, and is currently pursuing his Masters of Theology from William Tyndale Seminary. The past four years, Steve has served as senior pastor of Grace Fellowship in Vail, Arizona; prior to that, Steve served in student ministry for fourteen years. He is a former Christian School teacher and currently coaches the JV football team at Cienega High School. Steve is married to Shari and they have four children: Drew, Abbi, Aubri and Kyle.
This sermon is part of the ordination service of Rob Caine. Steve was excited to get to speak at his home church and extends his greetings to all the believers at SRCC.
I. The contrast between what is necessary and what is good.
    1. Sitting
    2. Listening
    3. Busy
    4. Distracted
    5. Love and Obedience
II. Consequences of Embracing the Necessary Over the Good. (see also John 12:1-8)
     * They could literally smell Mary's love for Jesus
III. Application:
     1. Business does not equal devotion.
     2. Jesus cares more about the heart of your worship that the heat of your work.
     3. Love, then do and then Love more.
     4. It really boils down to love.
     5. Martha took her complaints to Jesus himself.
     6. God hears the Marys.
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Text: Isaiah 6:1-6; 1 Peter 1:13-16

* To truly know who a person is you must observe their actions. These actions are determined by their view of God. The true measure of holiness is God and in Isaiah 6 we see the holiness of God displayed.
* In 1 Peter 1 we see that we are to prepare our minds for action.
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Text: Revelation 14:14-20

Here we have pictures of future events - The Bowl Judgments and Armageddon. (see also Isaiah 63)
I. The Harvesters (vs. 14,17)
     1. Son of man - Jesus. (this is the last time this term is used to describe Jesus)
     2. The Crown - The victor's crown. Running to win
     3. Sharp Sickle - The Lord wiping out those who are against him.
II. Angel (vs. 17)
III. The Declarations (vs. 15,18) - "The perfect hour has come"
     1. Only when this perfect time arrives will the reaping occur.
     2. The Angel came from under the alter. (vs. 18)

IV. The Reapings (vs. 16,19)
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Text: Revelation 14:12-13

The Tribulation Saints are:
I. Steadfast (vs.12) - willing to endure hardship.
     1. They keep the commandments.
     2. They will keep their faith in Jesus.
II. They are Blessed (vs.13)
     1. In death - in the Lord
     2. the blessing at rest - rest from their labors.
     3. Blessed because of their deeds for the Lord - They are servants
* What does our service to the Lord look like?
* Our service is not in vain. (see also I Cor. 15:57-58)
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Text: Matthew 24:14-40

Jesus taught that we should invest for eternity for where your treasure is there your heart is also. Listen to Fred Mukumbu, brother of Andrew Mukumbu, as he speaks on how we can invest in the kingdom of God even if we are not on the front lines of mission work.
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